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Most people have something in their life that’s holding them back: a belief, circumstance, or preconceived idea. Right Now gives a unique look into getting past whatever is keeping you from achieving your best self by walking the reader through the 4 phases of change; which Brett discusses in his new book, Right Now! Why Not You… And Why Not Now?

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Brett Campbell is the owner and CEO of Fit International, a global health and fitness company whose products and services have helped over 45,000 clients, and the Authority Academy, an online community for Internet marketers, coaches, speakers, and small business owners.

He is also the founder of the Unleash Your Greatness movement, an international live-event series to help others pursue living the life of their dreams. Brett’s messages reach over five million people each week.

Having grown up in New Zealand, Brett now lives in his dream house on the beach of the Gold Coast of Australia with his lovely wife, Emily, and their two Pugs, Burt and Puggsly.

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Featured Posts By Brett Campbell

Ep 020: How To Get Rid of Negativity

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Hello. Brett Campbell here. Today, I want to talk about a topic on how you can remove and avoid negativity from your life forever. Imagine a life like that, where you wake up and just everything that seems to happen is just happy and joy, and there’s just positivity everywhere. Of course we’ve got the critics who will say, “Brett, you can’t live just a positive life all the time.” I get that. I get that, but imagine being present to the thought of looking at things from a positive standpoint. Imagine looking at that glass and it is half full, instead of half empty. Imagine being able to look at the positive. It’s raining outside, for example. Imagine being able to look at that and go, “Well, the earth is getting a shower today. The earth is getting what it needs so it can grow everything else that we need as individuals and human beings.”

Far too often, we look at these things and we go, “Oh, that’s happened. Oh no.” Hey, look, I totally understand, the media outlets, the social media is just full of negativity these days, and it’s almost a … It’s very, very hard, I know that for a fact. It’s very hard to avoid all of these negative happenings in the world. I heard Jim Rohn say, he was talking about, “Be the security guard of your own mind.” Imagine that. Imagine having a security guard sitting in the front of your mind, letting someone come through, letting a thought come through, or saying, “No, you’re a negative thought, you need to go away and go down the road to someone else’s mind, because my mind is not going to allow that.”

I want to talk you through the 10X Negativity Filter. It’s just a really simple way on how you can stop and think about something. Whether it’s a person, a thing or a current circumstance in your life, I want you to decide. Does this thing get to flourish, or do you filter it away and no longer give it any energy, time, resources? What can happen is if you’re giving time, energy, and resources to a negative thing, person, or circumstance, it’s going to grow. Of course it’s going to grow. You water a weed. The more water that a weed gets, the bigger the weed starts to grow. We need to start thinking, “How can we as human beings, taking our own personal responsibility on board here, how can we start to think, and how can we start to remove, and even better, how do we avoid negativity? Not letting the negativity come into our life in the first place.

Now we all start with … Obviously we’ve got a lot of baggage. There’s a lot of things that’s happened to us in our lives. There are those old limiting beliefs, old roadblocks that we currently have. This 10X Negativity Filter is I’m going to take … What I’m going to take you through right now is I want you to think about a person, things, or any circumstances currently in your life that you can actually do this on. Imagine a sheet of paper. I want you to draw a line down in the middle of piece of paper. On one side, we’re going to have topics of sadness, anger, fear. On the other side, we’re going to have topics of happy excited, love, and peace.

Now I just want you to think about all the things in your life, and ask yourself. Does this thing bring me sadness? Does this person make me angry? Does this person bring fear up with inside myself? Am I scared of this person? Does this person make me happy, excited? Do they bring love into my world, and do they help me be at sense of piece? I want you to go through the 2 columns. I just want you to jot out things in your life, whether it’s people. Go through your entire family. Go through your entire family. That could be a dangerous exercise, but go through your entire family, your friends, your network, current work circumstances, maybe your job. Does your job make you sad? Does it make you angry, or it invoking a happy and excited process?

Before we can start to remove any negative beliefs, patterns in our life, we need to identify what they actually are. I want to take you through 3 questions, and this is the 3 yes where you must answer yes to each of these questions. If they don’t, don’t even entertain the thought or the idea for me moving forward. The first question that I ask as I go, does my gut feel, does my intuition feel that this is right? For example, if it’s a person, let’s just use a person. Let’s say I have just met a new person. I ask myself, does my gut feel, my intuition feel that this person could be right, right for me in my life? Did they just do something that is against my values?

As a kid, I can use this as an example. As a kid when I was growing up, growing up in an area that … It’s a fairly low socioeconomic area. There was a lot of crime. It’s not the best place to be growing up. However, I’ll preface that by saying I love my childhood. There’s a lot of kids that I … If I had this thinking tool back then, it would help a lot more. Even at an early age, you do have the intuition. You have a gut feel. I knew if that kid there was not right. I just felt something wasn’t right about it. That’s the first sign. Does your gut feel or your intuition feel that this situation is right?

The next thing is, will this thing or person clearly help me on my overall journey? Is that kid that I was going to hang out with, were they going to help me succeed in life, or were they going to put me in a jail cell for the night because we’ve just done something bad, and I’ve just succumb into peer pressure? Even as an adult, we still succumb to peer pressure at times, something to really think about. First thing, does my gut and my intuition feel that this is right? Second question is, will this person, thing, circumstance help me on my overall journey. The third question that you must say yes to is, will it bring me more energy and excitement on a daily basis?

You know there’s people in your life that you’re just excited to see or excited to hang out with them. You’ve got to catch up with them on Wednesday afternoon or something like that, and you just can’t wait for that time. Those of the type of people that you want in your life. Projects, you know when you’ve got a project on and it gets you excited or you don’t want actually … You can’t stand the thought that this thing is about to happen. You need to decide. Where does that fall in your negativity filter? Does it make you said, angry, or fearful, or does it make you happy, excited? Do you feel loved? Do you feel peace in those particular areas?

Those are 3 questions. I really want you to think about this. Pick something right now in your life. Go. I’ll give you a second. Got it? Excellent. Pick something. Does your gut feel? Do you feel from your inner core? You know intuition. It’s just a feeling. It’s just something that happens. You know if it feels right or not. Will this clearly help you on your overall journey? Will it bring you more energy and excitement on a daily basis. You know those people that just drain you of energy. You just can’t stand to have in your life, because they see the glass half empty. There’s always excuses, always a problem. Instead of looking at life from the solution standpoint.

Just imagine that, imagine being able to be prison. The next time something come into your mind and you’re like, “What’s the good that could come from this?” You start asking those 3 questions. For me, obviously I’ve created this framework. Those 3 questions are ingrained in me, so it just comes straight away. Does my intuition feel that this is right? Will it clearly help me on my overall journey? You need to know what your overall journey is. If you don’t, then I’d rely back on to more of the intuition and the gut feel. Overall, at the end of the day, you know deep down if something feels right. Think of something in your life where something didn’t work out. You may have had an inclination that that was actually going to happen, but for some reason, you just wanted to hang on to the hope that was attached to that.

I want to leave you with that, the 10X Negativity Filter and the 3 yes roll. Does this thing, person, or circumstance get to flourish in your world, or do you filter it, forget it, and let the security guard, that’s at the front gate of your mind do the rest?

Until the next video. I’m Brett Campbell, go out there, live with intention, love with passion, and never give up on your dreams.

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Ep 019: The Power of Giving

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Hello, it’s Brett Campbell here and today I want to talk about the power of giving. I would to share with you a story that’s really close to my heart.

A few months ago my wife Emily and I were travelling in the beautiful country of Bali. If you have never been there, I would highly recommend you to go over there, despite all the possible bad media you may have heard about, but if you go to the right places, it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s almost like my second home. We like to spend a few days in the built up, busier area, around the shops and cafes and so forth. But we always like to spend a couple of days connecting with nature and ourselves in a more secluded area. We were spending a few days of what we would call ‘the seclusion component’ to our holiday. We were staying at a nice little resort in Uluwatu, which is at the bottom of the island.

After spending the day at the beach, we were cruising around the streets on our scooters and on our way back to the hotel to grab some lunch we noticed in the distance what looked like to be a small trailer moving very slowly, but as we proceeded closer, it was actually an elderly gentleman. If I have to predict the age, I have to say 70+ and on this gentleman’s back, I couldn’t believe it, there were literally bags and bags of things he was just carrying which ended up being every item that he owned. It was his life, he was walking around the streets with his life on his back and that really struck me. I thought wow! I have seen homeless people before but this particular person somehow just resonated with me.

As we proceeded closer, I did the check out, as you do and I looked down at his feet and he had no shoes on and literally his feet had dried blood from walking on stones, he had cracks and cuts in to his feet and I was thinking: ‘oh my gosh, this is horrific.’ He is carrying his life on his back, he was using an old stick as a walking stick, and I could tell his hips and everything were all out of alignment.

It just really touched me and Emily and we both thought lets go and get him some shoes, and tried to imagine what he would feel like, as it looked like he had never worn a pair of shoes in his life. We didn’t have any shoes to give him as we both had bare feet. The preference is don’t ride a scooter with bare feet but we thought when in Bali!

We jump back on the scooter and cruise back to the hotel and I grab my havianas/ thongs/jandals whatever you want to call them wherever you are,( for my American friends ‘flip flops), and we went back to find this gentlemen. And literally he had maybe moved about 40 meters and then we pulled over and we preceded to approach the gentlemen and say “hello” and he didn’t understand a word of English but there seems to be this universal language that everyone seems to understand and it’s the language of energy: you just feel when something is happening and this gentlemen, you can see in his eyes, they totally light up, because he knew that I think he knew what was about to happen, so I grab my thongs and I said that: “Look, we want to give you these.”

And we put them down on the ground in front of his feet and you can see he was struggling to even stand on one foot, he was out of balance, because again he was carrying his life on his back and he went to put on the thong and I can tell you he didn’t know really what to do, because the thong part lined up in the wrong toe and so we have to take it back off and almost do a shoe fitting on his foot. And at the time something happened that was quite remarkable; along the street there were residents who came out of their home, stopping to look at what was happening and were probably thinking “what are these guys doing”, and they stopped to look at what was happening, they could see what we were doing and a family down the road did a thumbs up to us and I thought that was awesome.

It really felt like we were doing something that was worthwhile and it was like a $30 pair of jandals. No love lost. We take off again on our scooters to get back around the corner to turn around and all of a sudden this guy had vanished. He had gotten into his new pair of jandals and was off. I am not sure where he went. I think he went into someone’s yard or whatever they call it there, or he walked down an alleyway and he was gone forever. But that lit up our day, lit us up for the entire rest of our holiday, because it was something that, even now lights me up when I am sharing this story with you. That comes back to simply, the power of giving; you are going to receive more in life, when you actually give more.

Think about when you give someone a gift and generally on a birthday or at Christmas time. How do you feel when you actually give a gift? I actually get more excited by giving a gift and seeing someone’s face and seeing their reaction, than actually receiving a gift myself. Think about being able to have the power of giving on a regular basis and I am not just talking about giving tangible things, I am talking about giving your time. Go and volunteer somewhere, help a friend with something, go and spend a day in their garden and help them pick weeds or whatever it is. Volunteer your time, volunteer your energy and that moment that we had with that elderly gentleman that was all about energy because he couldn’t communicate in the word, it was about energy, we could just see that he was extremely grateful for what had just happened.

Utilize the power of giving a moment, for example we could be sitting on a train and an elderly person comes in, get up out of your seat and give it to them. That is a moment, that’s something where you would be able to take away so many strong things and it will tell you a lot about yourself. So go out there throughout your day and look at where you can start creating moments that are going to create a snowball effect. If you receive, so if you are on the other end and you are receiving so much in life, the natural progression is for you to take that and think this is pretty cool, I’d like to be able to pass that on. That’s why there’s things called ‘pay it forward’ that help the world out as a whole.

So we are not just here out for ourselves, to live this amazing wonderful fulfilled life. How boring would that be if you were the only one doing it? We want to impart that, we want to inject that onto everyone else. How can I help someone else with the life of meaning? I am doing these videos because I really want to be able to impart on you, whether it is the story that you hear about the old man and giving away some thongs and it might trigger you into ‘that is pretty cool and I am going to go out and do something about all this’ and it again starts a snowball effect. So I really want you to think about the power of giving, where can you give more in your life, time, energy, whether it could be money, it could be resources, whatever it is. Search for those moments that are going to have a lasting impact.

I am Brett Campbell, thank you so much for watching, until next time go out there and live with intention, love with passion and NEVER give up on your dreams.

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Ep 018: Why You Should Just Let It Go

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Hello Brett Campbell here, and today I want to talk about a topic that not a lot of people would even enter into the woods to even start thinking about, and it’s the topic of what are the things in your life that you’re currently holding onto, right? The things that that you’re currently holding onto that are not serving you. The things that are stopping you from achieving what you want to achieve. The things that are stopping you from achieving your life mission or living your life’s purpose okay.

I want to share with you a quick story. It’s quite funny actually, but the message in itself is all about what are you currently doing that you must, you must right now after watching this video and understanding what I’m about to say, what is it that you are going to just cut right now? You’re going to draw a line on the sand. You’re going to go “You know what right from now from this second moving forward I’m no longer going to do X.” Share with you this quick story, it’s very funny.

As a kid I was about 8 years old at this stage and I was living at home with my parents of course and me and my mother and I can’t even remember what this was about but we were having a little bit of an argument, probably over nothing. You know what 8 year old kids are like, you were one yourself. We’re having an argument and I decide, “You know what? That’s it, I’m moving out.” Literally, I’m moving out, I’ve had enough. I didn’t know where I was going to go and live but at that exact second I was like, “I know right now that I’m moving out.”

I went into my bedroom. I got one of our bags out of our cupboard. It was an old rainbow, like a hessian type of bag, you know those old school carry bags with the big zip. It was about yay big and I emptied every drawer so my drawer of clothes threw them in there, pulled all my other things out of my shelf, put them into this bag. This bag was almost as big as me. At that time I was waiting for my mum to come into the room and say, “Oh don’t worry about it. I’m sorry.” But she didn’t do that. She didn’t do that so I grabbed the bag and I walked out the front door, dragging this bag because it was that big.

All of a sudden I was like, “Where am I going to go? What am I going to do?” I started going through all the people I know, my friends. Would their mum come pick me up because obviously I couldn’t drive and I couldn’t ride my little bike, my BMX bike with this massive bag so I was stuck with ideas but as someone who is always been quite driven and always tries to find solution in the problem I went to it. I grabbed my bag, dragged it outside. At that stage we were living on a main highway so there was a main highway in front of our house. There was a brick wall where we were and then it dropped down and there was the main highway which was literally 3 meters away from our front fence.

I carried on and I sat there and it was about 3pm in the afternoon so the sun was shining, beautiful day so I said, “Okay, I’ve got time to think about this.” I sat down and I was leaning on my bag and every so often I would look back and I would see in the corner of the window the curtain moving and it was my mum checking it out. I was like, “Gee, when are you going to come out here?” All right, I was waiting for her to apologize to me. Stubborn as I was I decided I’m going to stay there. What I might do is start hitchhiking. I’m going to put my thumb out. Eight year old kid with a bag, good idea, not so don’t do that. I thought I’m not going to do that because I don’t want to be picked up by a stranger, I would hate for that to happen.

I was sitting there and I started counting cars and I was playing games with cars as they were going past, different colours and all of this stuff basically just to fill my mind. I was just filling my mind because I didn’t want to come back to the reality of this current situation. I was ready to move out, I was leaving my family. Started to get a little bit darker, sun coming down and at that time I could smell food coming out of the house and mum started cooking tea. I was like, “Oh my gosh I want some of this. I’m hungry. I’ve got nowhere else to go. What am I going to do?” What I did, sun went right down, started getting cold. I put on a jumper, opened my bag, put on a jumper. I was, “I’m staying stubborn here. I’m not going back home because it’s her fault. It’s her fault.”

Low and behold mum opened up the window, she didn’t say a word and I was like, “Can you bring me some tea?” “No, no, not bringing you any tea.” Shut the window back up and I was like, “Okay.” Literally for the last hour I’d been sitting there going, “You know what, I just need to muster the courage up to drag my bag back inside, throw it in my room and then go and have some dinner.” That’s what I did. I dragged the bag, put the bag in the room, went up to the dinner table. Mum goes, “What you doing? What do you think you’re doing?” I’m like, “I’m having dinner. Of course I’m not going to move anywhere, I’m only 8 years old.” But this is where it took a turn for the worst. My mother says, “Before you’re eating you’re going back into that bedroom, you’re taking all those clothes out of that bag and you’re going to fold them up neatly and put them in the drawers.”

Aargh so what I had done, think about this. Not only had I sat outside for the last 3 hours, I had made the entire situation worse than what it was because my clothes weren’t even folded in my drawers, I had just thrown them in there. As a kid I didn’t want to fold my clothes up but I then had to go fold them all, put them back in which took another half an hour before I even got to have dinner. I share that story with you because maybe you’re not 8 years old right now, okay, you’re not 8 years old but we still have those thought processes. We still run patterns that we have created from childhood.

What is that you’re doing right now in your life? Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s your job. Whatever it is, what are you holding yourself hostage to right now? What are you holding yourself hostage to? What are you actually making worse? When you do finally decide to take that next step or you do finally decide to go, “You know what, this is the time. From now on I’m going to be carrying on doing X,Y,Z.” What is it that you’re making worse? The longer you leave it the worse it’s going to be, okay. I really encourage you, I want you to think about that and go, “Mm-hmm, what right now would I like to change and I have the power to change.”

I had the power to walk inside at any moment. I had the power to not even walk out of the house. I could’ve just said, “I’m sorry mum. What would you like me to do to make this better?” Obviously being 8 years old I had no concept of that thought process but now that we’re adults, you’re an adult, you’re watching this, what is it that you could do, all right? What is it that you could say? What is your next step to help you break through something that is holding you back from achieving a fulfilled life?

I’m Brett Campbell, until next time go out there, live with intention, love with passion and never give up on your dreams.

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