The attitude of gratitude is the most powerful source of being thankful. Thankful for the people, things, circumstances, opportunities, lessons, well pretty much everything in life.

Watch this VIDEO as I show you the 10X Gratitude Formula and how it will totally transform the way you look at life again.

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Hello. It’s Brett Campbell here and today, I want to talk about the topic of gratitude. How we can be more grateful in our lives because let’s face it, life can pass us by, it can go like a snap of the wind. You could finish the end of the week, finish the end of the month, finish the end of the year and you’re like, where the heck did that go? Where did it go? Where did time go? You ever feel that one? Jeez, where did time go or it’s already July, it’s already November, because you haven’t been present throughout the year. You haven’t been present in the moments. You haven’t been present in the things that make up your life.

For an example, when was the last time you sat there and you said, you know what, I am so grateful for the roof I have over my head. I’m so grateful to have that person in my life. When was the last time you did that? If you did that recently, look I applaud you, I applaud you. If not, start to think about wow, wait a minute. Maybe I had been scanning through life and I haven’t taken the time to find and be grateful about the things that I currently have in front of me. I’ll show you how I do this on a very regular basis, in fact two times a day.

I really want to improve and excel in the area of gratitude because I find the more grateful I am, the more happier I am in life. The more happier I am, the more fulfilled life I’m going to have. The Ten X achievement is all about how you can live a fulfilled life. A life of meaning and a life of purpose and being grateful for me is an extremely important component that I need to have and I need to practice it. It’s just like practicing learning how to tie your shoe. You need to do it on a regular basis until you become really good at it. Until you can subconsciously just tie your shoe.

We want to teach you a strategy right now, how you can become so grateful that it just becomes the next subconscious norm to you. You’re just walking down the street and you’re feeling a sense of gratitude. Because again, life can pass you by and you look back and you go, oh, jeez, I’ve maybe should have been a little bit more grateful for that opportunity, because we’re in such a interesting part of the world right now, in this planet, the situation that we have going on. There’s the entitlement energy where people think they’re entitled to everything.

You know, Facebook doing your update and people are, oh, this is crap, why did you do that? Hold on a minute. Hold on a minute. Facebook’s free, right? It’s a platform that someone else has created and they’ve invited you in to use it. It’s about being grateful in all areas of your life and I want to share with you right now the exercise that I use two times a day, non-negotiable, right? This has to happen two times a day. I use it the moment before I go to sleep and the moment I wake up before I hop out of bed. It’s a trigger that I’ve created that, what happens is, I’m lying in bed and I’m ready to go to sleep, I have to before I can relax my mind and go to sleep, I need to come up with ten things that I’m grateful for.

Some of you might find that extremely hard. When I first started this exercise I was like, okay I got the first three, now what? It’s the art of just letting go and being able to be grateful and I’ll explain some of the things. I might be lying there and I’m going I’m so grateful to have my wife lying next to me. I’m so grateful to have this bed with warm blankets and keeping me warm. I’m so grateful for the roof over my head, the house that I live in. I’m so grateful for my dogs and then you might go, okay, I’ve run out of things. Be grateful for the person who created the underwear or the pyjamas you’re currently wearing.

If you don’t wear anything, then thank the person who made the sheets on the bed. Whatever it is, just start getting granular, start getting granular. You know, I always have a core handful of things that I’m grateful for and then you can start naming off people. I’m so grateful that that person’s in my life but take it to the next level and go why. Why are you grateful for that? For an example, I might go I’m so grateful to the person who invented, I’m so grateful to Steve Jobs for inventing the iPhone. Why? Because it allows me to be able to one, stay in contact with my friends, family members.

It makes life a lot easier when used properly. Okay, when used properly. Just start naming off some things and start making this a fun game. Being grateful is a fun thing. Try and be angry when you’re grateful, you just can’t. Hence the reason I’m on the search and I’m always wanting to be more and more grateful. Ten things, you got to name ten things before you go to sleep. The second part is before you get out of bed you have to name ten things. Now I don’t care if they’re the same ten things as the night before, that’s cool. If they’re ten different things, that’s even cooler.

The art of this, there’s no right or wrong way of doing it, the right way is just doing it. Okay. Just in the act of doing this will start to produce results that you just can’t even fathom right now and I can’t even explain it to you until you actually go through it and I challenge you right now, start thinking of, give me five things that you’re grateful for. Think of them in your head. I’m thankful for the car that I drive or the person who created the car because it allows me to get to work. It allows me to drop the children off at school.

I’m grateful for the school because they help educate my child and you just go along in that type of fashion. Again, I don’t want to continue rambling on here, but you get the point. The point is, practice the art of being grateful because I’ll tell you, once you can practice the art of being grateful, you are on your way to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. I just know that at the core because I’ve been doing it. I’ve been doing it for the last few months, two times a day, night time, morning time. It will just become second nature. All right. You need to take it up, I hope you do.

This is Brett Campbell, until next time, go out there, live with intention, love with passion and never give up on your dreams.

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