Today I want to talk to you about a very exciting project.

Hello, it’s Brett Campbell here, creator and founder of Authority Academy and today I want to talk to you about a very exciting project and an initiative that we are going to be implementing on a very regular basis.

This is simply stemmed upon the success that Authority Academy is having and our students are having and all of our participants, they’re starting to really build their business and ultimately building the life that they really want to be living.

I wanted to be able to provide information and systems and help and support to others who are not necessarily in the community so to speak right now. This is where I’ve created what we will call Authority Academy TV, so it’s also going to be a podcast episode, so if you’re listening to this right now on podcast and you hear the word TV you’re like, “Well, I’m actually on treadmill, Brett, and I’m listening you on the treadmill while I’m working out.”

That’s cool however you’re consuming this. This is fantastic. I’m very excited and I just want to give you a very quick overview of what you can expect over the coming days, months, years, etc.

The difference with the show is something that I wanted to just make this a little bit different than a 90 second or 2 minute video where I jump on and just share some meaningless stuff. I want to actually share real strategies, things that are working for us in our business, things that are working for our students and our community members in their business, and I just want to give you some insights into that.

Also I want you to be able to take a lesson from every single individual episode. The episodes are not going to be long. They’re going to be more short, more impactful and straight to the point because that’s ultimately what you want. You don’t want to sit there and listen to me share a story that takes half an hour so you can get one valid point from it.

I want to be able to share strategies that are working right now in our business and it’s going to be predominantly stemming from what we call the Authority Roadmap and that’s a system that we’ve created inside the Authority Academy community where I truly do believe there’s 9 steps that you must take and you’re going to hear about all these steps as we go through these training videos.

There’s 9 steps that you must take to become very successful. It doesn’t mean like if you don’t have all of these 9 steps you’re not going to be able to reach certain levels of success. I’m talking about people in the industry who are doing really, really well. It doesn’t matter what industry. You look at any industry, success leaves clues, right?

The Authority Roadmap is simply based off that, the success that other people, that I have had in my business and we really want to be able to create a pathway for you to be able to follow because what could happen is in the online landscape there’s so many things to do.

There’s social media, there’s building funnels, there’s how do you build a team, am I even in the right business, am I following the right passion, etc, etc. there’s so many unanswered questions and I want to be the light for you on that to be able to help you and guide you through the process.

I hope you are as excited as I am. We’ve got some amazing trainings, amazing tips, amazing strategies coming up for you so stay tuned. Subscribe to the show. If you’re listening on a podcast subscribe to the show on iTunes. If you’re watching this on video make sure you subscribe to the page here so you get notifications every time we release a new episode.

I can’t wait to share these important information. These important information? I can’t want to share this. There we go. No edit here. I can’t wait to share this important information with you because I know that it’s going to be able to drastically change your business and ultimately your life. Have a great day.

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