Sometimes, you just need to invest in the best.

How are you doing? It’s Brett Campbell here, creator and founder of Authority Academy, the online coaching community for entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Today, I am back with a very quick tip, that is titled, “Invest in the Best.”

Now, there’s some things in life, and we’re going to talk about business here, there’† some things, especially in your business, where you do need to not be skimping on. What I mean by that is, I’ve just come into the kitchen here and I’ve just made myself a coffee … Got a nice little mug here too, by the way. Invest in the best, right? Invest in the best. This is going to be a theme today.

As you’ll see, that we’ve got nice little coffee machine there. Now, yes, we could have come on over here, went to the to the kettle, and had the good old … We do have it here, the old crappy coffee. That’s a pretty workout right there, but what I want to about is this concept of too many entrepreneurs, too many business owners, skimping, right, and they’re not investing in the best.

That could be along the lines of software, right? Maybe you’re using a make-do software because you don’t want to pay the $99 a month to get the software that you really do need to build your business. I want you to think about every time that you’re skimping, or you’re not investing in the best, where is that ultimately sabotaging and roadblocking your success, moving forward? Now, I’m not saying go out there and buy all the expensive things, right?

For example, in email marketing, we talk about in the authority roadmap, we call it auto marketing machine, and with auto marketing machine, as you need to have an email system, something that can send out emails automatically. Something that’s pretty sophisticated, right, to a degree. You don’t want to be working from an Excel spreadsheet. If you are, you need to be changing that.

That’s for another video, but in this case, there’s options ranging from free, literally all the way up to, we spend about $1,000 a month on our email software, and that’s because we’ve got a large database, and a whole heap of other things, but the reality is, is if we were trying to skimp out and not invest that $1,000 a month, and try and get a cheaper platform, at times, and not all the time, but at times, what we could be doing is essentially roadblocking the success of our business.

So I just want you to think, for today’s tip, I want you to think: Where are you not investing in the best? Where are you skimping on things where you know you probably should invest because you need it?

In my case, today, I want to invest in the best, I want to get good coffee, right?

I want a barista-style coffee when I feel like a coffee. I don’t want to have to go down to the shop, because essentially this is another thing, I’m investing in the best. Here’s this machine, about $3,000 for the machine, but I can tell you, every year or 2 years, it’s going to make itself, the money back tenfold; so think about that.

Sometimes, you’re investing in the best, in the upfront perspective of it, to really gain on the backend perspective. Next time you’re about to go press, “Checkout,” or, “Place Order,” or somethings like that, ask yourself: Is it the best? Are you investing in the best, or are you just skimping to try and save some coin?

Thank you, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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