If you’re advertising on Facebook, this is your first step.

How are you doing? It’s Brett Campbell here, creator and founder of the Authority Academy online coaching community for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is looking to turn their passion, their skill, and their knowledge into profits.

Now, today I want to share with you a very quick tip that I see so many entrepreneurs and business owners doing wrong. I found this out when I was speaking in event. When I’m at events I like to do a little poll. I get the audience to put up your hand if you’ve ever used Facebook advertising, say you’ve spent money on Facebook. Near 90% of the audience their hands go up. I then ask the next question. Put your hand up if you advertise and you’re spending money on a daily basis.

The hands do not go up. Very, very few people are advertising on a regular daily basis, and this is the reason why.

Number one is you do not have your targeting, you do not have your advertisement, you do not have your message down page.

Number two is because you are just unsure. You’re not really sure what to do, you’re just trying. You’re trying to put some money out there. Hopefully it’s going to stick, and hopefully you’ll get a return on investment.

Now, this in itself is an entire topic, right, and I’m going to go through maybe a serious of these type of videos for AATV in regards to the fundamentals for Facebook. It’s very important that you do this #1 task first. This is the first thing that you must do. Again, I can assure you whenever I’m at events and ask this question, “Who here has their tracking pixel set up on the web pages that you are sending your traffic to?” Again, only a couple of hands go up.

The reason being is because most people don’t even know that there’s tracking pixels, and the other reason being is because it’s quite hard to actually implement the tracking pixel procedure if you do not know what you’re doing. Now, if you’re an advocate of Facebook and you use it it’s quite simple, right, it’s like copy and paste a pixel and put it here. I know, that can be overwhelming. The word pixel could be overwhelming to you.

This is the first thing. Before you spend another cent, before you spend another cent make sure that you have your tracking pixels set up. If you want to learn how to do this and you want to learn how to actually use Facebook advertising properly, I invite you, join our Authority Academy community. I’ll put the link below here. You can check it out. Come in and get your learn on.

I’m telling you, if you’re putting money out to the world, to Facebook, you’re giving money to Facebook and you do not have your pixels and everything else down pat, then you might as well be throwing your money out to the birds. I’m telling you. First things first, make sure you get your tracking pixel down, please, and if you’re not sure how to do it there’s steps. You can go out there and Google videos. I’m sure you’re going to find some things out there that can help you.

If you want to know how to do this properly so you’re not wasting anymore of your hard-earned money then join the Authority Academy coaching community and hopefully I’ll see you on the inside. See you on the next one.

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