Are you giving your customers what they really need and what they really want?

How are you doing? It’s Brett Campbell, creator and founder of the Authority Academy online coaching community, where I help small business owners and entrepreneurs get more leads, get more fans, and ultimately get more customers so they can make a bigger difference in this world.

Today I want to talk about this concept called are you giving your customers what they really want and what they really need?

Now I just ran a recent Authority Academy one day event. I talked about this topic in depth.

I just want to give you the snapshot of it, so you can actually go away and start thinking about this. One of the points that I rose at the event was why are there one hour personal training sessions?

Why are personal training sessions or fitness classes one hour long? I asked the audience. There was actually a fair few fitness professionals in the audience.

They were like, “I don’t really know.”

I can tell you the reason why is because when fitness classes came out, fitness instructors got paid by the hour.

Think about that.

Because it seemed like the best thing to do, because the fitness instructor got paid by the hour, so let’s make the class the hour. Interesting thought.

Now when I ask fitness professionals, and when you ask most fitness professionals on a whole, generally is one hour the best allotted amount of time for someone to get their results?

Now of course there’s arguments either side of the fence.

If you’re talking about ninety-five percent of the population on, which is general fat loss and well being, the answer is no. An hour is not the best amount of time.

I also put it out there and said, “Why do most coaches offer one hour coaching sessions? Is one hour the best amount of time?”

Let’s say for example you’re following an old school coaching method where you’ve got one call a month with a coach.

You’ve got to save up all your information and then have that chat for the hour. Is that the best methodology? Is that the best option that you could be giving your customer?

Of course, you sit there, and you go, “Well, no.”

I mean for me, fifteen, twenty minutes on a coaching sessions, again there’s arguments either side of the fence for this because it might, sometimes you might have to sit down and do an hour, two hour coaching session.

The reality is in general context, that is not the best method. I want to ask you. I want to ask you. Is what you’re currently offering what the customer really wants and really needs?

Think about that.

I’ll see you in the next episode.

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