Today I want to share a strategy with you that I really hope that you are using in your business.

Hello, it’s Brett Campbell here, creator and founder of Authority Academy and today I am coming live straight from our filming room here. You can see we’ve got our banners; we got our whiteboard; we’ve got our projector screen and we’ve got our lights and a whole heap of other things here happening.

I wanted to start off Episode #2 with something that’s really hot right now.

That’s what I said in Episode #1. I said I’m going to be sharing the latest and greatest best strategies that we’ve used to build our business; that we’re using to help our community members; as well as our Authority Academy coaching community to build their business; their following, etc.

Today I want to share an opportunity that every single one of us has access to and that is the concept Facebook Live. Now before you switch off, I need you to listen to this because there is a key process. There is a strategy on how you can actually go about this.

It’s the same strategy that I used to be able to, within 32 minutes in one of my Facebook Live videos, have 1.4 million people. This video reached 1.4 million people. It was absolutely crazy but there is a process behind that.

Things don’t just happen just because they happen. There is always a reason. There is always a logical reason as to what happens. That’s why I’ve created the Facebook Live roadmap. In fact, below this video, I’m going to give you an opportunity to get a link.

Just click the link and you’re going to download the entire framework, but I just want to wake you up to the fact that if you’re not using Facebook Live video right now, especially as I’m filming this episode, Facebook Live is hot right now. You see, a few years ago when Facebook really started to gain traction and momentum, I learned this one thing and I hope you can take this away as well.

It’s the lesson of remaining on the cutting edge. If you’re not remaining on the cutting edge, make sure you’re hanging out with people who are on the cutting edge. That’s another whole reason as to why I want to do these Authority Academy videos for you. I really want you to not be missing out on these opportunities.

You see, back in 2012 when Facebook bought out the Facebook offer, we literally… I’ll give you the short version of it.

You may have heard it before. We hacked our way through. We hacked our way through and ended up generating 12,564 leads within 24 hours, using the Facebook offer. We then went on to use Facebook offers for a good 18 months until it really started to lose its momentum. In that time, though, we generated tens of thousands of leads.

The only reason it was happening was because not many people were using them. It was new. It was awkward. People weren’t really sure. The reality is you need to stay on the cutting edge, so I hope you’re using Facebook Live. If you’re not, you’re definitely missing out. If you’re thinking that maybe it doesn’t work for your business and it doesn’t work in the industry you’re in, I want to put a challenge out to you. I’m sure it can.

Just download our Facebook Live roadmap. Actually, I’m going to give it to you. Below this video or in this video somewhere, you’re going to be able to just click the link; go to the page; put in your name and email and I’ll give you the Facebook Live Roadmap.

I hope you’ve got some value from today and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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