How you doing? It’s Brett Campbell here. Creator and founder of The Authority Academy, where I help entrepreneurs and small business owners generate more leads, more fans, and more customers, and more importantly follow a step by step strategy to building your business.

Today I am coming to you from the Whitsundays. I’m here at White Haven beach and if you can see behind me the water here is absolutely crystal clear, and it gave me a bit of an insight. The insight to how does this relate to your business. What I want to do is I just want to give you a bit of quick overview of this concept called the Authority Road Map.

The Authority Road Map is something that we’ve created, and I recommend every single business create in a sense of what does it actually take for you to achieve your ultimate end goal. There’s steps that you follow throughout the entire process, alpha step of the Authority Road Map is this concept called ‘The Foundation’.

In the foundation it’s where you get crystal clear on your vision, on your mission, on what it is you are currently doing and why you’re currently doing it. The amazing water here just really triggered me off to go, “You know what, I need to get this episode out.” It’s all about how crystal clear are you on your mission, on your vision.

Because what happens is so many entrepreneurs, and I was one of them, is we get into this trap of just because we can do things it doesn’t mean we should be doing it. What I don’t want to have happen is for you to get two years, five years down the track and realise that you’ve been chasing a dead dream.

You’ve been chasing something that you weren’t crystal clear on, you thought you might have, should have, could have, possibly and you are doing it but I don’t want that to be the trap for you. I want you to think are you currently crystal clear and do you know the path that you want to be taking, so I want to leave you with that.

Hope that thought’s been insightful to you and thank you for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next one.

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