Today I want to share with you five ways on how you can build your Snapchat following.

Hello, it’s Brett Campbell here, founder and creator of the Authority Academy Online coaching community.

Today, I want to share with you five ways on how you can build your Snapchat following. Number one, and you may have seen this floating around the Internet especially on Facebook a lot, and this is just the simple strategy of taking your Snapchat code that you get with inside Snapchat.

If this makes no sense to you, you need to sign up to Snapchat and get this thing started. Taking that code and the image and putting it in your personal profile. That’s why you’ll see some people with personal profiles or fan page profiles that look yellow and they got a little ghost on their head or whatever’s inside it. Now that’s number one.

That’s probably the easiest method and the one that you would be seeing the most. Number two is a method that you probably have not seen much of, and the reason being is because most people are unaware of it, and it is the strategy of using your unique URL, okay.

Because Snapchat is a mobile application, people are unaware that there is an actual URL attached to it. For an example, what I mean by that is you actually have your very own unique URL, i.e.,, so for me, it is

What I’m going to do is I’m going to post that below in the comments so you are able to look at that and change that to suit you. That is a very, very powerful way. That’s where I’ve noticed a massive increase in followers because there’s no real way at the moment that you can go out and you can’t target with advertising to get really highly targeted followers. You need to do it manually at the moment.

That way is very, very good. Of course, once you’ve got your URL link, there’s a few key things that I want you to look at as well. Number three is using your unique URL and putting it in your email signature.

Now if you’re not using email signatures, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic. Think about how many emails do you send a day, right. How many emails do you send a day where people are not being able to be able to see your unique link?

Okay. The fourth method that I want you to look at is creating your very own image card. An image card can be utilized in many different areas over many different platforms. What we really want to do is I use an app called Image Quotes. It’s a free app.

You download, I recommend you actually purchase the 99c or $1.99 version. You remove the Image Quote watermark that they give you, and what I’d highly recommend is you actually write on the card. You say, “Follow me on Snapchat.” Right? “Follow me on Snapchat.”

You actually have an image of your profile that you would get with… I can’t even remember the name of it, but the image of the little ghost with you in the middle of it, you’d put that on the card as well and you can also have your unique URL attached to it as well.

That’s just another way on how you can syndicate your unique code out there to the Interwebs because that’s all the opportunities we really have available to us at the moment. The fifth one that I want to be able to share with you is there’s another app called GhostCodes.

Basically what that does is allows you to set up a Snapchat, it’s a different type of profile, set it up under a specific industry. There’s a whole heap of other things.

This video is not to give you an in-depth and tutorial about that. It’s to create awareness for you to now go out and actually implement these tips. I really hope you enjoyed these tips.

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