We all need help, so why aren’t you asking?

Hey, it’s Brett Campbell here, creator and founder of the Authority Academy.

Today, I want to talk about a topic that … It upsets me at times to see that this is such a prominent thing within the entrepreneurial industry community, et cetera, and even in general life to be honest.

It’s this concept of not having the ability or not taking the step to actually ask for help, putting up your hand and going, “You know what? Look, I don’t actually know what I’m doing here,” or, “Can you help me find a different path?” or, “Can you help me answer this question?” All right?

For me, for example, when I was a kid and I was doing my homework, I was that type of kid who … I would always yell out to my mom and go, “Mom, what’s the answer to this? What’s the answer to that?” Of course, my mom would say, “Look in the encyclopaedia,” or, “Look in the books.”

We didn’t have the computer back then. We didn’t have the … I think Encarta was just starting to get into the scene, but that was it … When I was asking for help, I initially felt like I was being shut down even though that was the best advice my mother could have given me like, “Brett, actually go and look in the book. Find out the real answer,” but I didn’t, right?

What that did was I took that through. I took that belief through that if I have asked for help, I’m just going to get told to go and do something different or look at something else.

When we actually are asking for help, what we are actually searching for is an immediate answer, and that, my friend, that is the problem that we as entrepreneurs have is we create this foundation in our mind that asking for help is … We’re going to be a burden, or we’re going to look like we’re weak, or we’re going to look like we’re dumb or we don’t know what we’re doing, but I want to leave you with this thought today.

Where in your life right now could you … If you knew you had a little bit of help, or you had a little bit of guidance, or you had someone steering … helping you steer the ship down the right path, where in your life would that have a dramatic impact?

Then, ask yourself the question, “Who do I know already?” All right? Who do I know already in my circle of influence, my friends, my family members, or maybe my friends have friends who might be able to help me with the question that I’m looking for?

I’m a big believer in to find the best answers, you must ask the best questions, and sometimes, that starts with asking for help, putting up your hand and saying, “Hey, look. I’m not sure what to do here. Can I please have some help?”

As soon as I started to transform that mental reality that it’s okay to ask for help, there are people who actually really want to help you. All right?

For me, I actually get really excited when I’m able to help someone. All right? It just gives this level of contribution that … Yeah, just lights me up on the inside, and I know everyone else who actually wants to help, they feel the same way, and I know you do too. All right?

If someone comes to you, and this is the biggest problem that we run into is that we’re okay to give help, we want to help people, we want to contribute, but when it comes to us, what about us?

I want to leave you with this. What about you? Why aren’t you asking for help?

I hope you enjoyed today’s tip, and I can’t wait to see you on the next one.


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