Where do you start, when it comes to getting your products and services out to the people who need it most?

How you doing? It’s Brett Campbell here, Creator and Founder of Authority Academy. Today, I am actually poolside. Hanging out at my home here.

Just finished a Facebook Live stream. If you’re not doing those, you certainly must be getting onto those. I’m tell you, such an amazing opportunity that we have presented to us.

As entrepreneurs and experts who want to get their passion, their school, their knowledge out to the world.

This is not to talk about Facebook Live. I talk about that, in a past episode of the Authority Academy TV, so go check that out for sure. In fact, what I’ll do is I’ll link it up below this video.

I’ll send you a link directly back to that one, where I talk about Facebook Live. You can get the Facebook Live roadmap, etc etc that we have for you there.

Today, I wanted to share with you, something that I actually got asked on the Facebook Live. It was a question of, where do I start? Really?

Where do I start, when it comes to getting your products and services out there? What I hear a lot of coaches and a lot of people out there recommend is create a good product that works. Then, get it out and put it in front of the right people.

I want to take a couple of steps back. Before you even start thinking about, what is your product or service. I want you to think about, who is the person that you can actually service.

How can you serve them? Even more importantly, why? Why are you serving them? I want to ask you, in today’s episode, why are you serving the people that you are serving?

Why are you wanting to serve the people that you are wanting to serve? That is far more important than going ahead and jumping straight in. Building sales funnels, building email marketing campaigns. You need to make sure.

You don’t want to get halfway down the road and then, all of the sudden, you’re like actually I’ve created these products and services.

This is actually not the community that I really want to be serving. I urge you to really connect with, the why you are doing what you’re doing. The why you’re serving who you are serving. I hope that tip … Oh, God. The dog’s going crazy in the backyard there.

There they go. No. Looks like I have no dogs… Just so I don’t look Silly. There they are playing, 2 pugs. Anyhow, totally unrelated to this episode. I want to ask you, why are you serving the people you want to serve?

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode. I’ll see you on the next one.

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