If you’re doing any form of online marketing on Facebook, you must be using this tip.

Hello, it’s Brett Campbell here, creator and founder of the Authority Academy, and today, I’m back with a very simple tip that you can utilise. Utilising the Facebook platform, and this tip simply stems from seeing many marketers, and even beginner to really advanced marketers, some of the best in the industry, falling for this particular trap. How this trap can be solved and solution provided is by doing this one thing.

It is called creating a test Facebook group. Simple as that. Down the side of your Facebook profile when you login, you can go down and create a group. Maybe you’ve already got groups, communities, whatever the case, but I highly recommend you create a test group.

What you do with that test group is any time you have a new link in your web page, a new website, anything like that, even a blog post, make sure you post the link into your test group first because then what you’ll see is what Facebook decides to populate from a content perspective.

If your meta tags aren’t right, if your images aren’t right, then you’re going to be able to see it in your test page. You don’t want to go and put it out on your fan page and share it with your social network if it’s not done right. People will see it and they’ll smell armature, so I hope you really enjoyed today’s tip. Go out there and create your own test group, see how things populate, and start doing this thing properly.

Thank you and I’ll see you in the next one.

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