The leader I am referring to is that of the victorious All Blacks​ captain and (NZ MVP) Richie Mccaw.

This message goes far beyond the sport of Rugby.

Upon winning the Rugby world cup recently, I heard the post match interview where and English reporter asked Richie a series of questions.

The game got to a critical point where the Australian team closed the gap to within 4 points.

Momentum was heading their way, and an upset was looming. Meanwhile 5 million New Zealanders were holding their breath and praying that the All Blacks could calm the storm.

The All Blacks did hold on and take out back to back world cups (first team to ever do so).

The reporter asked Richie, our fearless leader, “What was going through your mind at the time and what was your advice to your team?”

The words that came from Richie was that of sweet poetry and the entire reason I am writing this now.

He said: “It was a matter of not panicking and doing the simple things right, getting back on track and turning the momentum”


What a simple, yet profound statement.

It got me thinking.

In life we are all faced at times with problems, issues and difficult circumstances. The MAJOR difference is in how we handle them.

I often see many people OVERCOMPLICATE the most basic things in life.

Whether it is in business, your relationships, or a game of Rugby. Learning to keep it simple, do the basics right, and keeping composure is a sure fire recipe to have you holding up your very own world cup. The world cup of life.

Its your game to win. But are you going to follow the fearless leaders advice.

Over to you.

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