In today’s episode I am sharing some golden nuggets at Scott Harris’ Ultimate Coach Live Immersion, teaching coaches from a range of different industries how they can get more fans.

More leads and more customers. During my talk I put a strong emphasis on getting to know who your customer truly is and how you can communicate with them on a much deeper level and how you can uncover that deeper level in a few simple steps.

I also show them how to do a Facebook live video using our Facebook Live Roadmap, which is a simple system I created to help you deliver an effective Facebook live every single time.

At lunchtime a funny thing happened… I thought someone was talking about me at my lunchtime meeting and it turned out there were two guys watching the vlog series sitting right next to me!

It was really great to catch up with them and hear about their business. I love catching up with anyone who has been following me so if you ever see me in the street, say hi!

To finish off the day I share some more insights with my coaching clients and have to be brutally honest with one of them about the path they are taking.

One of the most important parts of being a coach is that you can be honest with your clients and bring them back to what their true vision is.

As entrepreneurs we can sometimes (all the time) get shiny object syndrome’ where we have so many great ideas flooding in that we lose sight of why we really started.

If this is something that you suffer from then make sure to watch this episode all the way through for some honest advice.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video


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