In today’s episode we are launching the first episode of our new show, The Finish Line! Super exciting as this is an opportunity for you to get your questions answered directly every Friday.

A big goal of mine with my content is to provide as much value to you as humanly possible, and doing a new show like this allows me to do that on another level in addition to my daily #AllOrNothing series.

I also spend some time coaching some clients and testimonials comes up as a hot topic for the day. I give you an effective way to get the testimonials.

That make you and your business look good, even if the person giving the testimonial isn’t great on camera.

As this is a Friday I try to knock off early, as I do every Friday. I believe that being an entrepreneur does not mean you are hustling 24/7,

I believe in building a business that allows you to live life to your full potential and the lifestyle you desire.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video

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