In today’s episode:

✅ How to survive the new ‘pay to play’ Facebook
✅ Why Campbell Media Group will be the #1 Digital Marketing Agency
✅ Becoming a creative agency and adapting to Facebook’s changes

The vlog is back!

We’ve been away for the past week, but not really.

Today we are introducing an entirely new format to the vlog in order to give you a more immersive and valuable experience.

Jake and I are taking on the challenge to condense the vlog down into one EPIC, cinematic experience highlighting only the very best bits from each week.

So sit back and grab your popcorn, because we just stepped it up another notch.

A big focus from last week has been on our effort to become a more creative digital agency by implementing a new creative department into CMG with employees dedicated to producing content that other agencies want to model off.

Everything we do at Campbell Media Group steps us closer towards becoming the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Australia by helping businesses do more business.

Through this commitment to being #1, we have also expanded our advisory board and in this episode you get to see some behind the scenes from that session.

During my week I spend a lot of time with my employees, going through training and overlooking the ad management we do for our clients. This is as a part of our Active Management approach we take with Facebook ads. You cannot set and forget your ad campaigns.

You’ll also get a look into how I go about training my employees and how I get the best out of them.

There is a mountain of golden nuggets and business coaching advice strewn throughout this episode, so make sure you have your pen and notepad handy.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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