In today’s episode:

✅ How we turned $900 ad spend into $22,500 in one month with Facebook advertising.
✅ How to enter the mind of your customer to write perfect sales copy.
✅ Why you should NEVER fall in love with what you create.

Welcome back to another week of All Or Nothing!

The last week at the CMG HQ has been filled with powerful learnings for you that I can’t for you to see.

The major focus for me this week has been around transitioning our content creation from a quantity to a quality perspective.

Due to the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, your organic posts from your fan page are seeing next to no reach. So it’s time to concentrate all of your effort into one EPIC post each day.

It can be a frustrating thing to see all of your hard work that goes into your posts or creative work go to waste when nobody sees it. This is exactly why you cannot fall in love with what you create.

As creatives we want everything to be perfect, however, in the Facebook advertising game, it is often the ads that are no where near perfection that get the most results.

Never let your emotions cloud the data in front of you. If a post isn’t getting engagement, move on to something bigger and better.

We also hit some HUGE goals for our clients this week including a MASSIVE $22,500 return on investment from a $900 ad spend Facebook ad campaign.

That’s 2,500% ROI!!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the team getting amazing results for our clients.

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