This week on All Or Nothing:

✅ My triumphant return to Bounce
✅ An EPIC speaking engagement on the state of Facebook
✅ Why most businesses FAIL on Facebook

Last week was absolutely huge for myself, our clients and the team.

I had the honour of delivering a completely new talk on the current state of Facebook which allowed me to explore some recent topics that I’ve never shared before. One thing I mentioned during my talk was that you need to know your numbers BEFORE starting Facebook ads.

That means you know how much your are willing to invest in your ads while still breaking even. This is such a crucial thing to know when it comes to any advertising campaign, yet it is something very few business owners have ever thought about.

This week we also took the team back to Bounce for the afternoon where I faced my demons head on, taking on the wall that broke my ankle earlier this year, check out ep. 50!

This time it was not me getting injured, but I can’t say the same for our team. Luckily everything was caught on camera for your entertainment.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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