In today’s episode:

✅ The power of collaboration and having a team
✅ How to massively increase your close rate on sales calls
✅ What does it mean to be a great leader?

The last week at the CMG HQ has been a big one across the board for everyone. New clients, new creative, new content. When it comes to pumping out as much content as we are it takes more than just myself. It takes a team being able to collaborate on each stage of the strategy we are creating.

Collaboration is absolutely key to the success of a company. Despite how good you are at coming up with ideas, having multiple sets of eyes looking at a strategy is always better than one. Having a bigger team also comes with greater responsibility.

I spoke to a client this week around how having multiple team members can help to drive a business owner to work harder and make better decisions on behalf of the team. Finally we spoke about leadership. What makes a good leader and how do I select leaders within my team? Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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