In today’s episode:

✅ Celebrating a client hitting $100k in revenue in their e-commerce store
✅ What metrics you should really be tracking when it comes to online advertising
✅ Why I will NEVER guarantee results Another week at the Campbell Media Group HQ was packed full of learnings.

With more new clients coming on board with us every week, I’m spending a lot of time having conversations with potential clients around what is possible with Facebook ads.

I always remain transparent from the very beginning in that I cannot guarantee a certain result for any business. Facebook advertising is something that changes every single day. Any agency who tells you that they guarantee a certain result is just plain dishonest.

This is why so many of our clients have been burnt by another agency before engaging us to do their digital marketing.

Also this week was cause for celebrating with another one of our CMG clients crossing the $100k mark on her e-commerce store! We love celebrating wins for our clients, so the team got together to do something special.

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