In today’s episode:

✅ How to set your employees up for success
✅ How to manage the expectations of your clients
✅ Facebook advertising secrets and how to use them

One thing I love about being a business coach is being able to help my clients on board new employees of their own.

Not only will this take your business to another level, but it also takes your personal development to another level. Training new employees is a delicate process which requires a significant time investment up front. It allows you to develop as a leader and also gives the employee time to voice their own opinions.

Another part of personal growth and business development is your ability to be open and transparent with your clients. Especially during the early days where you may need to manage their unrealistic expectations. Many agencies I have come across will even guarantee results in order to bring on new clients.

This is something we will NEVER do at CMG. I’m always honest with the fact that every single campaign and customer is different. And so are the results.

This week we have had a client hit over $200,000 in revenue this month through their Facebook ads campaign!

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