In today’s episode:

✅ A client gets a 6X ROI on their Facebook ad spend
✅ One of our core values at Campbell Media Group
✅ Which content platform should you start on?

This week at Campbell Media Group, I have started to put more intention into creating a solid marketing strategy for ourselves.

In doing this the team and I had to revisit which platforms we should be focusing on and what type of content will speak to our target audience the best.

This is a critical first step to creating a successful campaign, know your customer better than they know themselves. For our customers this week we celebrated a win of one of them earning a times return on investment for an ad campaign we have been running for them.

A fantastic result, BUT, we do not get complacent. Just when you think you are performing well, that’s when you need to step up your game even further. Our Head of Digital Strategy, Damian Willis, share a story around this topic at the end of the vlog. Very worth a watch for every business owner.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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