Welcome to Episode 20 of Brett Campbell’s #AllOrNothing. This is my new daily entrepreneurship documentary series where you will get an inside look into my life and my entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017 I am really stepping up my content game and in doing so I will show you exactly what I do each day to grow my business and help my clients grow their’s.

In today’s episode it’s a shorter day at the HQ. Being a Friday I try to get out early when I can, but there’s still a lot to be done!

Friday’s are our content filming days and we have another episode of The Finish Line to record. This is the show where you have the opportunity get your questions answered by me personally.

Some great talking points always come up and today my big focus was on intention, and in particular, being intentional with your posting on social media.

I see too many people putting posts that are just for the sake of posting and have no real benefit to them or their followers.

Before we start filming I always do a series of promotional posts across our social platforms to help build some buzz around the episode and gather some extra questions before going live.

I get a bit frustrated with Snapchat only allowing you to record 10 seconds of video at a time, what do you think is better, 10 or 15 seconds?

To finish off this episode Emily and I take a ride with Jake to collect our cars from the mechanics and I share my thoughts on Jake’s performance with the vlogs so far.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video

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