Vlog outline:

Gym session – 0:14
Brett’s thoughts on training & business – 1:30
Interview with new social media marketer – 3:18
Brett’s thoughts on the interview – 5:24
Coaching session with Inner Circle Member – 6:39
Answering Jacobs questions – 8:31
Discussing Campbell Media Group – 10:56
Going into an agency planning meeting – 14:17

Welcome to Episode 3 of Brett Campbell’s #AllOrNothing. This is my daily vlog series where you will get an inside look into my life and my entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017 I am really stepping up my content game and in doing so I will show you exactly what I do each day to grow my business and help my clients grow their’s.

In today’s episode I start back on my fitness journey and discuss with you my thoughts around my health over the past 12 months.

As an entrepreneur your need to be at the top of your game both physically and mentally every single day, especially when you want to play at a higher level.

When it comes to playing a bigger game that also means bringing on more team members to help your ship sailing smoothly #brettaphors.

In the first half of my day I have an awesome interview with a prospective social media manager for the business.

We chat about what my plans are for each area of the company as well as what we need for the new agency that is in development and the role he will play within that.

There are some great takeaways in this section that will help anyone looking to grow their team and learn to ask the right questions during an interview process.

One of our Authority Academy Inner Circle members, Jacob Mcluskie, also stops into the new office today for a coaching session and to spend some uninterrupted time,

Focusing on some goals he needs to achieve in his business RIGHT NOW. This is one of the things I love about having a new space, where my clients have the ability to come in and utilise the room so they can immerse themselves for a few solid hours.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video

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