Today is the 2nd leg in our Online Mastery event tour around Australia. We are heading back to Melbourne CBD to deliver another 3 hour event jam-packed with value.

Before we get there we play a bit of Carpool Q&A on Facebook live to pass the time on the drive from Traralgon to Melbourne.

This impromptu Facebook live session turns into an awesome session with great questions coming from the viewers such what is the best tool I have used to attract followers on Facebook, how to manage your time and at what point do you become an Authority in your industry?

During the car ride we also discuss with my sister Shauna, what are the first steps you should take if you are new to Facebook or any social platform.

We also chat about the common debate of what do you do when you want to keep your personal profile private?

This is something that comes up at almost every event I run, so if you are someone who is worried about mixing your business profile with your personal then leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂


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