In today’s episode:

– I compare myself to Justin Bieber
– One of my wishes comes true
– Jake messes up BIG time
– The secret to generating more leads

Welcome to Episode 34 of Brett Campbell’s #AllOrNothing. This is my new daily entrepreneurship documentary series where you will get an inside look into my life and my entrepreneurial journey. In 2017 I am really stepping up my content game and in doing so I will show you exactly what I do each day to grow my business and help my clients grow their’s.

In today’s episode we head back to the Gold Coast for a final day of our Online Mastery national tour. During the flight on the way I share my thoughts on running events for consecutive days and I compare myself to Justin Bieber.

After we get back to the HQ Jake realises that he has made a HUGE mistake which could be detrimental to the vlogs, watch to find out what it was.

Finally to end the day I present my final Online Mastery event for the week. Today I’m sharing why it is so crucial as a business owner to have Facebook fans, and why you absolutely MUST know your customer better than they know themselves.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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