Vlog outline:

At the gym – 0:10
Inner circle coaching call – 0:30
Learning about know, think & feel – 1:41
#Brettaphor 6 – 4:14
Answering coaching client questions – 4:25
Discussing the new agency name – 6:58
Being booked for an upcoming speaking event – 11:25
Brett’s discovers some of his old videos – 9:15

In today’s episode I spend some time with my team of Authority Academy Inner Circle clients to answer their questions and take them through a very important online training.

During the training we discuss their sales funnels and some of the important factors when it comes to building them. We look into Clickfunnels,

Making your webpages mobile compatible and focusing on understanding what your clients need to know, think and feel in order to move through your sales funnel.

Later in the day I give some advice to my clients on their businesses and specifically looking at the content strategy that we are currently using to create our video content.

I help them understand how video fits into the strategy and what it means to syndicate all of this awesome content we are creating so that it can attract eyes on every platform.

At the end of the day I discovered some old videos that I made over 6 years ago! These are hilarious to look back at, but also really cool to see how far I have come in that time.

I think this is great for you to see as well because it puts where I am into perspective and shows that you too can achieve success like I have in only a few short years with hustle and dedication.

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