Vlog Outline:
– The secret behind on boarding new clients
– How to find your starting point
– How to succeed in business

In today’s episode my camera man has left me to my own devices! Yes, this will be the first All Or Nothing episode filmed completely by yours truly. This was definitely a challenge for me presenting in this more traditional style of vlogging, but I know you will get heaps of value as per usual.

Today I had a call with one of my new inner circle members and one thing that I do with every new client is to take them through an in depth, on boarding process to make sure they are brought up to speed with everything they need to get the most from the service. This is a HUGE secret that most people will miss completely and just leave their clients with an online training to complete by themselves. It’s one thing to present someone with the information, but to ensure your clients use that information in the way you intended, you should always walk them through the process yourself.

On the topic of setting the foundation for your clients, I also give you a key tip on how to succeed in business.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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