Vlog outline:
Intro – 0:06
Morning chat – 0:16
Creating systems for content creation – 1:09
Planning email automations – 1:47
Answering coaching client questions – 2:11
Working out what videos we need to film next – 4:16
Brett finds some more old videos – 5:08
Brett does something illegal? – 6:45
Arriving at Crossfit Staunch – 7:12
Checking out Stadium – 7:40
Coaching session with Tulsa Taupo – 8:55
Discussing the All Or Nothing Vlog – 12:34

In today’s episode Jake and I create some cool new systems to use on a daily basis that will help us plan and structure our content schedule.

This helps us to keep track of who is posting what type of content, where they are posting it etc.

I spend a bit of time answering my clients questions with some very important advice when it comes to dealing with difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Emily and I also discover some more of our old videos and we give you a sneak peak at our very first promo video for one of our old fitness products.

To finish the day Jake and I head down to Crossfit Staunch to check out Stadium, a new fitness concept created by Tulsa Taupo who is a member of my Authority Academy Inner Circle program. We spend the afternoon brainstorming ideas for his business and coaching him with some questions that he has for me.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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