In today’s episode:

– Why getting testimonials is crucial to business success
– How to correct a mistake without costing you money
– A secret to getting more people in the room without lowering ticket prices
– How I saved a client thousands of $$ in minutes
– Why the number of views you’re getting doesn’t matter
– How to make people want to give you referrals
– Why you need to take your own advice
– The problem with most coaches

Today’s episode is filled with coaching gold. I have a lot of coaching calls with clients which brings up a HUGE array of topics including how to get more referrals, how to correct a mistake without losing you money, also why you should always try and take your own advice.

As a coach and business mentor, I’ve created A LOT of content over the years including podcasts, videos, books and more recently looking back at the daily vlogs I’ve come to realise that I am not always actively using the advice that I give to others. I discuss why this is, and the importance of being able to listen to your own advice.

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