In today’s episode:

– I reflect on the difficulties I’ve been having over the last week and why everything happens for you, not to you.
– The secret to running a successful Facebook group
– A big mistake most people make when creating an online course
– We posted episode 50!

In today’s episode I’m heading out for meetings so take the vlog into my own hands again. Before going to the first meeting I spend some time in the car reflecting on some of the difficult things that have come my way over the last few weeks and how I have handled them. I’m a big believer that the universe throws things our way so that we can learn and grow from them.

Getting back in the office I have some great conversations with my coaching clients about how to build an online course, the first steps you need to take when building and online course.

I also chat to another client who is starting to build a Facebook group. I share some insights and a BIG secret for growing your Facebook group and a mistake you should avoid if you want to get more people in your Facebook group.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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