In today’s episode:

– My day does not go how I had planned it
– Ghosts in my Facebook account
– New Instagram ‘swipe up’ feature becomes available
– How to stay open to new ideas and improvement

In today’s episode the day does not go as I had planned!

Another mentally challenging day leaves me in my office putting out fires all day. A valuable lesson that I always take from these situations is not to get frustrated, but grateful that I now know how to deal with similar challenges that arise in future so I know how to overcome them for myself or am able to help others.

Instagram has now made the ‘Swipe up’ feature available to all users, meaning we have a new strategy to test and take advantage of. I give you an inside look at our new Instagram Story designs.

Finally to finish off the day I reflect on what I have learnt from working with new team members to improve systems and processes. It can be challenging to remain open to change, especially when you are an expert in the area, however, I never claim to right all the time, and this is what allows me to always improve.

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