In today’s episode:

– An update on my new nutrition program
– We head to the mechanics to give my car an upgrade
– Comparing the two worst addictions you can have
– A heartfelt conversation with one of my coaching clients about why you should never be afraid to share your story.

In today’s episode we I’m heading back to the mechanic to give my car a brand new upgrade. On the way there I give you an update on how I have progressed with my new nutrition plan. I’m finally starting to lose that feeling of craving certain foods, and what I realised during this process is that food can be the biggest addiction you can have.

Jake and I also discuss another addiction that most of us get trapped by and that is the phone in our pocket. I often catch myself out mindlessly scrolling through my news feed, this may surprise you but sometimes I wish my business did not rely so heavily on social media. I share why during the video.

Finally today I have a very important conversation with one of my coaching clients who is feeling hesitant to start sharing content on Facebook live, one of the easiest ways to share your message. Your story is the most important thing for you to share as there are thousands of people out there who are experiencing similar situations in their life who need to hear what you have been through, whether it be positive or negative. Your story has the power to change someones life, and if you feel you can positively impact someone then you are doing them a disservice by not sharing your message.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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