In today’s episode:

– A quick tip to pre-qualify prospects so you’re not wasting your time
– Facebook live to help me win the bet to cut off Jake’s hair
– I share my particular set of skills that allows me to see the finer details
– I win the bet and get to shave Jake’s head

In today’s episode we I achieve my goal and win the bet I placed with Jake in episode 59, meaning that today I get to shave off his hair!

Being Friday we always like to do something more fun to end the week. Before we get into that I also share with you a few tips when it comes to qualifying leads before you spend time drawing up a proposal.

I also share with you a particular set of skills I have when it comes to spotting small details in designs, something that I have developed from my days as a cabinet maker.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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