In today’s episode:

– Coaching call discussing how to promote your live events, online marketing methods to help you sell more tickets
– The difference between Facebook live and webinars
– Talking about our upcoming trip to Bali
– Brainstorming content ideas with Barack Obama, Donald Trump & Adolf Hitler
– Why you have to be the one doing EVERYTHING in the beginning
– What poker has to do with business
– Why Facebook ads are impossible to predict, and why you need consistent, active ad management.

Welcome to Episode 64 of Brett Campbell’s #AllOrNothing. This is my daily entrepreneurship documentary series where you will get an inside look into my life and my entrepreneurial journey. I will show you exactly what I do each day to grow my business and help my clients grow their’s.

In today’s episode I am on FIRE with the advice! Grab yourself a coffee, a snack and a notepad because this episode is packed with golden nuggets.

Kicking off I have a coaching call with one of my inner circle client who is promoting an event coming up in a few weeks. I give him advice on what I would do to sell tickets for a high-ticket event and the big difference between sharing lessons on Facebook Live or doing an online webinar. Both are great ways to get leads, however, the participants have very different buying habits.

The team and I sit down at lunch to brainstorm some creative ideas for the vlogs and additional videos. My idea was to create more humorous content like a three way phone call with myself, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. What are some questions you would ask in that conversation?

Wrapping up the day I also go on a rant about people who say they want to grow a business but are not prepared to put in the time, effort, energy, focus or money to make it happen. When you are starting out in business you need to either learn to do everything, or make a significant investment to outsource what you need help with. I also touch on why Facebook ads are impossible to predict and how a basic management strategy for your social media is just not enough to give you results.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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