In today’s episode:
– A lesson from Facebook’s COO on having meetings
– A rant about my body transformation post
– When is the right time to change your target market?
– Introducing BrettCam

Welcome to Episode 82 of Brett Campbell’s #AllOrNothing. This is my daily entrepreneurship documentary series where you will get an inside look into my life and my entrepreneurial journey. I will show you exactly what I do each day to grow my business and help my clients grow their’s.

Today we have more exciting meetings in Surfers Paradise. During the car trip on the way I share a lesson that I took from a podcast with the COO of Facebook who was talking about having internal company meetings, when you should and shouldn’t have them. She used the example of interviewing new employees, something we are currently going through now, and how she managed the interviewing process when she took Google from 4 to 4,000 employees.

I recently finished a 30 day nutrition program and after posting on Facebook about it I shared my feelings and learnings from the past 30 days. I discuss one the of comments that I received on the post which had me going on a bit of a rant…

I finish off the vlog with a great call with one of my coaching clients as we talk about when is the right time to pivot your business and change your target customer. It is never too late to change the direction of your market, and you should always be willing to do this if you feel you are not working with the person that you want to be.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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