In today’s episode:

– Calling out Australia Post and their new ‘advertising’ package
– I drop the bass on the Friday fitness challenge
– I give Jake some advice when it comes to moving house

Today I’m calling out Australia Post on their new Facebook advertising package that they are offering to customers. This is the exact reason why so many of you out there are having bad experiences with so called ‘marketing agencies’ that don’t get you the results you or your business need.

This is a big chat, but I highly suggest watching if you are wondering the difference between a good Facebook ads campaign and a TERRIBLE campaign.

I hope that this video can bring to light some of the negligent services that are being offered to consumers by people who know very little about what their customers actually need and are just trying to exploit unaware consumers.

Be careful who you deal with, do your homework on what you are actually paying for, and never let anyone manage your social media who can’t show you REAL RESULTS.

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