In today’s episode:

– Winner of the opt-in page challenge is announced
– Why you should stop saying ‘yes’ to every single job
– The benefits of turning down a client when you need to
– How my view on time has changed in the last few months

A few episodes ago Daniel and I created an A/B split test of two opt-in pages for one of our clients and had a bet on who’s would bring in the most leads. Well the results are in with some surprising results!

A big reason why many business owners can find themselves stretched mentally and stressed out is because they are saying ‘yes’ to every job or opportunity that comes their way, based on their desire for the extra income. One of the most powerful places to be in as a business owner is when you can say ‘No’ to clients that are not who you truly want to be serving.

When you can take on clients that you really want to and are passionate about helping, you will show up excited to work, and will be able to deliver a far better result than you would for someone you took on as a client purely because you needed the income.

Another HUGE reason to take on the right clients comes down to how you are allocating your time. I have come to find that I did not appreciate time the way I do now after opening the doors to Campbell Media Group. The last few months has required me to put in massive hours in the office which was something I had not done for quite some time. Now my time is more important to me than ever, meaning I am much more selective with where I am spending it / who I am spending it with.

Where are you spending your time right now? Are you doing exactly what you should be to take you closer to where you want to go?

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