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A HUGE Announcement | All Or Nothing Episode 182

A HUGE Announcement | Do you want more leads and customers for your business? Click here: http://getcmg.com.au/do4

On this week’s episode:

βœ… A huge announcement for the team

βœ… Why you must live by your personal values

βœ… What has allowed us to grow so quickly in such a short time

Welcome to All Or Nothing, our vlog that documents the journey of Campbell Media Group as we push to become Australasia’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency.

This week we have a huge announcement for the team, something that has been happening behind the scenes for a few months and is a great example of the fast growth CMG has made in the last 12 months of being in business.

One of the things that has allowed us to get to where we are is living by our value of being bold. Taking calculated risks and not letting fear hold us back from making decisions.

Thank you for watching & enjoy the video πŸ™‚

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All Or Nothing is filmed and produced by the Campbell Media Group creative department. All media including graphics, footage, music, images are edited in house.

Who Is Campbell Media Group?

Campbell Media Group are social media marketing specialists. Our experience shows us that we deliver industry leading, best in class results for our clients. A cornerstone of our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes is our commitment to, and heavy investment in technology, data analytics, advanced learning and AI.

We work closely with each and every client to craft and create bespoke digital performance strategies that work for their business and its individual needs. We’re business minded, highly ROI focused and are dedicated to ensuring our proprietary strategies deliver for our clients.

Let us help your business do more business as your Digital Performance Partnersβ„’

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The Secret To Scaling Your Business | All Or Nothing Episode 181

The Secret To Scaling Your Business | Do you want more leads and customers for your business? Click here: http://getcmg.com.au/do4

On this week’s episode:

βœ… An sneak peek into how we create strategy with our clients

βœ… Why you MUST connect on an emotional level to make sales

βœ… How to beat competitors with bigger budgets for advertising

Welcome to All Or Nothing, our vlog that documents the journey of Campbell Media Group as we push to become Australasia’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency.

A big part of creating a digital strategy that works is being able to connect with your target audience on a much deeper, emotional level.

This is something we spend a lot of time on before we ever launch a strategy for a client. We MUST understand the target audience better than they know themselves in order to create effective ad campaigns.

In today’s episode you will see a preview of Damian Willis, Director of Digital Strategy at Campbell Media Group, as he illustrates the importance of connecting emotionally.

Another milestone this week was hitting over 500 leads for a client.
This is huge consider the high price range of the products they are selling.

Our Founder, Brett Campbell, also shares the secret behind scaling campaigns and scaling your business quickly.

Thank you for watching & enjoy the video πŸ™‚

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Ecommerce Businesses Hitting 30X ROAS Consistently | All Or Nothing Episode 179

Ecommerce Businesses Hitting 30X ROAS Consistently – Want more qualified leads and customers? Hit us up: http://getcmg.com.au/do4

In today’s episode:

βœ… Why we are killing it for our E commerce clients right now

βœ… Our content creation process and how we are stepping up our game

βœ… How to remove all barriers of entry in your sales funnel

This week at Campbell Media Group has been HUGE. The team is producing a giant amount of content for both us at CMG and our clients.

The time has come in the business that I can no longer be the only one behind the camera because our team is so diverse in their skill sets and have so much to offer you.

We are launching even more content with the help of some of our team members to share insights in their own disciplines.

We are also making a concerted effort to share more of our client results on the vlog and right now we are crushing it in E commerce.

If you are a business owner with an E commerce brand, targeting females specifically, then you need to talk to us.

The strategy we are currently running is second to none and producing the results to prove it.

If this sound like something you need, lets chat.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video πŸ™‚

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Ads Are Coming To Facebook Stories | Notified Live

Join me for a live episode of Notified Live where we are discussing some cool new features for Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Yes that’s right, ads are coming to Facebook stories. It’s been a long time coming for those in the Facebook marketing game.

Instagram advertising has been available in Instagram Stories for a while now and offer users the ability to swipe up to visit a link. Something that we have been using for quite a while and have had good success with when creating leads.

Facebook has finally come to the party and we should see the ability to run ads in the Facebook stories platform over the coming months.

In other news, you can now share your posts to your instagram story as well. This is a welcome new feature that will allow users to promote their content in an additional way.

If you’re looking for insta stories ideas then this is a great way to utilise some free instagram advertising for your business.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video πŸ™‚

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This One Word Change Increased Results 5X | All Or Nothing Ep. 178

In today’s episode:

βœ… A client celebrates $400,000 in revenue this month!

βœ… The 1 change that resulted in 5 times more ‘Add to cart’ clicks

βœ… Behind the scenes of our first CMG content shoot

Everyday at CMG comes with new challenges and new victories.

One of our clients this week celebrated their highest recorded month in revenue of $400,000, setting a new benchmark for both of our teams.

The team are gelling together more and more each week and with greater cohesion comes new ideas and stronger strategies never before seen at any digital marketing agency.

At CMG our process goes far beyond creating ads and posts for social media. Your customers perfect journey starts before and after they have engaged with an ad.

That’s why we always look at the entire journey for key areas that can be improved.

We found for one of our clients that their website could be improved, and upon implementing the suggested change, we saw a 5 times increase in ‘add to cart’ clicks within the first 24 hours!

An exceptional result for the team and our client.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video πŸ™‚

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You Just Need To Start | All Or Nothing Episode 177

In today’s episode:

βœ… A client gets a 6X ROI on their Facebook ad spend
βœ… One of our core values at Campbell Media Group
βœ… Which content platform should you start on?

This week at Campbell Media Group, I have started to put more intention into creating a solid marketing strategy for ourselves.

In doing this the team and I had to revisit which platforms we should be focusing on and what type of content will speak to our target audience the best.

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Facebook Ad Costs Rising By 43%?! | Notified Episode 10

In today’s episode of Notified I am discussing a few recent hits that Facebook advertisers have had to take including price increases for Facebook ads and also removal of key targeting parameters! Facebook are constantly adapting to criticism and changing the algorithm and as advertisers and Facebook marketers it can be very difficult to keep up.

Notified is a social media podcast designed to bring you the most up to date information on the top social media platforms.

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Facebook Advertising Secrets | All Or Nothing 175

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS8GceR2T1w&t=1s In today's episode: βœ… How to set your employees up for success βœ… How to manage the expectations of your clients βœ… Facebook advertising secrets and how to use them One thing I love about being a business coach is...

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IT WAS A TOUGH WEEK… | All Or Nothing Episode 174

In today’s episode:

βœ… What I’ve learned from an extremely challenging month
βœ… The team throws me a surprise birthday party
βœ… A couple of HUGE announcements from our CEO

The last week has been particularly difficult with the passing of a family member.

Unfortunately the world doesn’t stop when these things happen and we have to keep moving forward. What I truly appreciate is the growth in the team that meant I could be away for a few days without the business burning down.

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