Brian helped build the business “Boardoom” from 3million to 157million in revenue.

He is responsible for over seeing 1.3 billion pieces of direct response mailings and building a database of over 9 million people from many different industries.

About Brian:

I love direct marketing. Starting in the list business gave me a solid foundation in learning about audiences, demographics and database marketing; then, working in all media helping Boardroom sell millions of newsletter subscriptions and consumer books put all of that list training to good use. While direct mail is my bread and butter…I’ve overseen the mailing of approximately 1.3 billion pieces of third class mail over the past 20 years…I have been able to market and sell newsletters and books via direct response television (infomercials) and using e-mail and the Internet in huge numbers. At the height of our infomercial success, I was responsible for buying media in excess of $80 million and we sold over 3 million books via direct response television over a three year period. And since I’ve never met a medium I didn’t like, I’ve learned the ins and outs of every possible medium where direct marketing lives and thrives. I’m proud to have cut my teeth in the offline world of direct marketing and I am finding that the principles I’ve followed over the past 30+ years all apply to any and all “new media.” I am committed to educating any and all online marketers who will listen…and I am also committed to “learning while teaching” because there is still so much to learn. And in my free time you’re likely to catch me working with my other passion – being an umpire for Little League Baseball.

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