Lets be honest. We are all carrying around a little extra baggage.

Many people laugh it off and joke that it keeps us warm, or it’s something to hold onto.

The topic we are covering today is FAT LOSS. In this video I share with you some unorthodox fat loss tips, that I know for certain will impact heavily on your waistline, double chin, or wherever you are hiding the extra baggage.


Hello its Brett Campbell here and it is fantastic to have you back.

Thank you so much for tuning in. Today I want to talk about a topic which is probably one of the most asked questions I get, especially in our health and fitness business and company that we have. We have got over 16,000 ladies from all over the world and a private VIP forum where we each can motivate them on a daily basis to live a healthy, active and fulfilled life, and it is a part of the 10x achievement academy where we look at more than just the health and fitness aspect, that’s just 1 key component. We look at health, wealth, happiness, success and are you achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve in this world.

So today I want look at the topic, but before I give you the name, it’s a topic that does affect every single person I guarantee you, you will be able to benefit greatly from what I’m about to share with you, it doesn’t matter who you are, how good you are, how good you think you are, you will be able to gain something from today. I guarantee that ok, if you do not gain anything from today I’m going to put out a challenge. If you don’t gain anything I want you to comment on this video, give me your reasons why and then suggest me to do a dare of some sort and if I fully believe that you haven’t learnt anything then I will do the dare for you how’s that?

Enough of the shenanigans …let’s talk about the topic of fat loss. We’ve all got that extra bit of cushion everywhere that we could get rid of yes you’re nodding your head, I know that to be fact ok and I want to share with you some of my out of the box fat loss tips not just your standard fat loss tips that you read on someone’s website or blog I want to share with you the fat loss tips that I’ve been able to accumulate over the many years in this industry that I am working in and with thousands of people from all over the world.

The first tip; and this may shock you, is I want you to think about this concept; remove before adding, so everyone starts a journey in a different place. Now you could be in a position where you are brand new, you haven’t stepped foot in the gym yet and you are looking to get away and get under way and start achieving this amazing goal. My first step to you is to forget everything else and think about this, remove before adding. What in your life are you currently doing that no longer serves you? Before you go the gym and sign up and get all the passion to want to go to the gym and start training, before you do any of that I can assure you, you’re going to be able to remove things from your life currently.

That’s more important than adding because what happens is you go on adding things on top of each other you are going to get so overwhelmed and so frustrated with everything that’s going on around you, you are just going to stop and end up ultimately failing. So I want you to ask yourself what can I remove right now. What are you eating? What you are putting in your mouth right now? What can you can no longer do? I want you to pick one thing and do it for the next two days; if you drink 8 coffees a day I want you to limit that back to 1 or 2, that’s it. We are not asking you to do remarkable, miraculous changes here because I understand how the stuff works. If I was to give you 10 different tasks you are going to walk away and think ooh those tasks are great but I don’t know where to start so I’m just going to put it back on the too hard shelf for later, until the pain gets enough that I’m just going to jump and go for it. I want you to think what you can remove before adding.

The second thing is creating behaviour switches, now being from the fitness industry and working with hundreds of actual other fitness professionals as well, I know for a fact that this is something that not many of them teach, if any. It’s about creating those behaviour switches. An example is you walk to your fridge and open it and you see a chocolate bar sitting up on the shelf which firstly shouldn’t be there ok if you don’t want eat this stuff get it out of your house, that’s rule number one but if you are someone who leaves it there for a rainy day or it’s there for the kids, whatever it is if you see that chocolate bar you need to create a behaviour switch that stops you from doing this ….oh no I shouldn’t be eating this …whilst you’re opening the packet, you are telling yourself that it will be ok you are trying to justify why you can have it, you need to create a behaviour switch that stops that.

That switch could be something as simple as this, as soon as you walk up to the fridge imagine as you grab the fridge it’s going to give you an electric shock, you are going to get an electric shock every time you put your hand on the door, and that electric shock is going to send a signal to your brain….hold on a minute do I even need to open this fridge. Hehehe ok I share this one because that’s a trigger that I needed to do. I just had a habit I don’t know why, (I know my mother would agree with this when I was a child) where I would literally walk to the fridge, open the fridge, have a look around it, shut it and walk away. Ten minutes later I’d think ohhh what’s in there as if something new just popped in there, that was a really bad habit, so now as an adult I don’t want to be opening my fridge all the time so what’s a behaviour switch that I can create that stops me.

So before I go to open it I send the trigger too my brain and say to myself do I even need to open this and if so what am I actually looking for. Because the biggest thing that I see with the people especially in nutritional habits and behaviours is that you simply go searching for food, because we have got that inbuilt in us, it’s that hunter gatherer coming out in us all. But you don’t need to go hunter gatherer in your fridge or pantry, set those behaviour triggers so as soon as you open the fridge zzzzzzzz you get a electric shock that goes to your brain do I need to open up this fridge and if so why am I eating it and then if you still find yourself grasping for it then you need to ask other questions, you need to ask yourself the important questions, ‘Is this going to get me closer to my goal and if the answer is no, which we all know eating a chocolate bar isn’t going to get us closer to our goal, so you need to find out what your attachment is to that and if you can’t handle it honestly even if you give this stuff to your kids or you’ve got it for a rainy day just get it out of the house.

Me personally I can’t have a bag of lollies in my house because I would devour the entire packet because I love lollies! I guess I would say I have an addiction to lollies in a sense that if they are around me they don’t last long, so don’t come and open a bag of lollies around me because I won’t even wait for you to offer one to me I would just start eating them. So if you know what your bad habits are create those switches that can eliminate that.

The third component is you need to train, yes, nothing magical there you need to train; you need to work out based on your goals. You don’t need to go to the gym and copy the body builder guy standing next to you and do the exact same exercise or count the same reps because he will be training for something different. When I was a personal trainer and actively training on the gym floor helping people out I would go up and I would always seek first to understand, I would approach and ask what is it you are training for what are your goals?

They may say I just want to get ripped and muscley, which is what most guys would say and want. I ask why are you training 3 & 4 reps when that’s predominately strength based. I always seek first to understand but what I see is there’s too people out there who see some one’s workout video online and just copy it, firstly don’t get me wrong it’s better than doing nothing but if you really want to fast track your fat loss and start having a healthier body, which is going to give you a lot more energy and allow you to achieve the things in life you want to achieve, then you need to train, based on your goals so I just want to give you a few quick really strategic training tips you could use for fat loss.

The first thing is using full body exercises versus isolation. If you were my client and your goal is fat loss and wanting to lose 5- 10 kg kilos then we are at the gym and I see you doing bicep curls or single arm shoulder presses or front raises with dumbbells, I am going to say that’s not in accordance to what we decided, your goals are fat loss so you need to train for fat loss, don’t train for what you have seen in a body building magazine.

I am not saying that they don’t have their place and I know I open myself up for debate with a lot of people because there are so many different opinions but you are watching this video in the hope you trust what I say here. You need to be using full body movements, the more muscles you use the more fat you will lose, just think about that the next time you go to the gym and you are going to perform a single arm variation, use full body movements, use squats, use dead lifts, use walking lunges do some full body bar bell presses with double arms or may be do an Olympic lift, those type of things.

If you need tips on all of that head over to FIIT where you will find different links for workout programs and resources that we have. You can also go to one of our flagship websites where there are a lot of resources which explain more in depth than what I am saying here. But for this particular video I just want you to look at these key concepts: full body versus isolation, shorter rest periods versus longer rest periods. The shorter rest periods I’m referring to is when you finish the exercise you don’t go and get your phone & search Facebook, watch a 2 minute video come back talk to someone and do your next set. Shorter rest periods illicit a growth hormone, growth hormone is a fantastic hormone that you want in your body to help with your fat loss. I want you to have a 30-45 second rest period, if you are brand new to exercise you can rest for 60 seconds or 90 seconds it’s not going to be too bad just listen to your body. What I don’t want you to do is exert yourself through a set then 30 seconds later you are still puffing.

If that’s the case then you need to allow yourself to rest for a little while longer, but for those who are medium to advanced trainees you need to start watching the clock 30 to 45 seconds, I guarantee one it’s going to speed up your entire workout so you are going to get out of there quicker and be able to do a lot more with your day. Secondly it’s going to give you better results I can guarantee you that.

The next one is time under tension I want you to be aware of how long your muscle is under tension for, an example of this is if I said to you do a ten reps of 10 squats and also do ten squats now then say go what you would see if I gave that instruction to 2 different people what you would possibly see is a very fast speed. I finish that 20 repetitions in 20 seconds where as what you want do for fat loss you want put your muscles and body under tension for 45-60 seconds, so it should take you 45-60seconds to complete. Say you are doing ten squats it should take you 4-6 seconds to complete 1 rep so you might go down in 4 seconds rest for a second and come up in a second, so you need to look at your time and intention don’t just pumping out the reps thinking that your main goal here is 12 reps it’s not about this it’s about how long you are putting yourself under tension for.

The next component and probably the most important is to follow a plan and stick to it. So many people jump from one program to another program to another program I am here to tell you that having background working on a hundreds of personal fitness trainers who all have different philosophy’s about how to achieve this how to achieve that. With different studies out there someone is saying one thing and another something else, what I say is pick something and then stick to it for a minimum 3 weeks, I really recommend 4-6 weeks you stick to a program.

If you’ve been training for some time you will be able to change your programmes a lot quicker but you need to stick to a plan. Just like me getting my house built; I get the plans and start building, then I think ‘no’ I want to change a room. So I’ve got to go back to the designer and tell him that I want to make some changes, get the plans and think, ‘actually no I don’t like those.’ You can see it’s going to take a lot longer to achieve a certain result, so find a plan and stick to it. That’s what I want to leave you with today. These fat loss tips; remove before adding, what can you remove before you need to add anything new?

I want you to create behaviour, behaviour switches. Remember grabbing the fridge door, electric shock to your brain that says ‘do I need to enter?’ Then of course those tips that I shared with you, I really hope that has been of use to you. Like I said at the start, if you haven’t learnt anything today leave me a comment or give me a dare and I will be more than happy to fulfil that, but I am pretty sure there are some new things in here for you today.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video.

Until next time, I am Brett Campbell and I want you to go live with intention, love with passion and NEVER give up on your dreams.

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