Hello its Brett here and today I want to talk on a topic that’s really important to me and I am hoping that it’s important to you.

It is the topic of how you can live longer. What would you do if I could give you an extra ten years or an extra fifteen or even twenty years on your life, what sort of things would you do? What could you achieve? Who could you help? Think about that for a moment because as human beings,( again I stick both my hands up this time) is we get into this routine in life where we are actually not thinking about how am I actually going to live and reason being is most people are actually scared of dying, and it can be a very tough topic to talk about with a lot of people, because as soon as you start thinking about death in the physical form it becomes an emotional component and many people aren’t able to handle that conversation so they avoid even thinking about it.

Now I am not going to talk about death in this particular video I’m more talking about life and how we can get a better quality of life and how we can achieve more things in the time that we have.

Dan Sullivan is a very successful entrepreneur, coach and mentor who has been in this industry for many years and I heard him talk about this particular concept of the life time extender. His initial thoughts around that were every person has a particular age they feel is going to be their limit. I thought about that and for some reason my age is 99. When I first heard this I though yes this is it 99 is when I am going to die. I don’t know where that number came from I don’t know what prompted it, it was just the number in my head. Now you have a number as well you’ve already thought of that I know, because when you are prompted with that question you think oh yeah. I talk to people some are like yeah 65, 75, 80 and I was like wow hold on a minute. Imagine taking this concept for a second, called the life time extender and just by thinking and resetting the age that you believe you’re going to be passing away, think what that would do to your life for a moment. Imagine being 65 and you think my life barrier number that I have in my head is 100. That means you still have 35 years left of your life, you are going to engage in new things you are going think, I need to do a lot of learning because I have got a lot of things still to achieve in the remaining 35 years but if you subconsciously set the age in your mind that you are going to pass away when you are 70 you are going to plan your life, and your life is going to unfold towards that particular number. So by the time you reach 50 you are like ohh I have got 20 years left so what’s the point and you see that already in this day and age. I hear older people in the 50-60 age bracket say I’ve had my life, I’ve had fun. In my life I want to live until I’m 120, I know you are saying, come on Brett 120 that’s a bit farfetched, well, it is if you don’t let your mind think that.

Now there are some things that I really want to share with you that I know for fact as a physiological or as a physiological level that will actually help you live longer. Apart from the first point of view you know at least set your age to higher.

In the past videos I talked about thinking big and how you can be successful, have a desire, have a bigger dream, dream to live longer, but this is the point it is not about the length of the days this is about how you use these days which is more important, that’s what I want to share with you in this training. I want to share with you some strategies my wife Emily and I use on a daily basis and also some other concepts that we are looking into as this video is filming. This is where this video is prompted from as well, because we are always looking to improve our quality of our life. You only get one vehicle this is the vehicle, this is what I’m dealt with, I’m dealt with this ugly face so I have to deal with it. Yes there are of course things like plastic surgery which changes the way we are supposed to be but I don’t know about that it’s for another video.

What I want to talk about is some concepts that you could use. I talk about this body, this one thing we get this is your vehicle you are not going to jump on a jet ski and shoot across the other side of the world through the ocean, no you need to be prepared, and you need to get a better vehicle to get there. It’s same thing with life so if you want to live longer you need to look after your body. It’s not just about what you look like from outside, how much muscle you have and how beautiful you look, how straight your hair is because you have straightened it every day it’s about how long that’s going to last. Now think about that for a moment you straighten your hair every single day for 40 years now what’s your hair quality going to be like in 40 or 50 years. Have a re think about the strategy that I am utilizing right now. One of those things is of course fuelling your body I am not going to get into a lot of nutrition right here and will do a separate video purely on nutrition and foods.

You need to be fuelling your body with clean nutritious meals, cut out sugar get rid of that crap, that’s just killing our insides, because you don’t see what’s on the inside, you only see what’s in the mirror. Sometimes, you look at yourself in the mirror and think yeah I’m looking good; maybe you’ve been training for some time and starting to feel good. But when you look into the mirror and don’t like what you see it may be a roll, and that could be the thing that leads you into action, but what you are missing is you are only seeing what is on the outside, keep staring into the mirror and really see what you see. How is everything internally? How much energy do you have? What’s the quality of your life like? Do you get out and run around with the children? Do you get and walk the dogs? What is your quality of life like? That’s what we really want to concentrate on here so fuel your body.

The next concept is fuelling the mind. What are you going to do to grow and stretch your brain? What are you doing to grow new cells and generate new thoughts and create new mind set, attitudes and beliefs and what are you doing there?

I personally listen to a mixture of different things for a minimum of one hour, it depends on what am I working on at the time. If I am feeling like I need to be a bit more motivated and need some inspiration, I listen to a lot of motivation and inspirational type podcasts or listen to things like these that will get the fire back up beneath me. If I’m looking for a certain strategy on how to grow my business, or how to steer my career in a certain direction, I learn and I almost become obsessed. It’s like I need to get a content that I need so I can move forward. So what are you doing to stretch your brain and mind? Are you asking yourself the right questions? Self assessment is a massive thing that we need to do in this day and age. We need to self assess and ask ourselves how are we currently living right now, am I happy with that or am I not happy with that and for the majority of the people I know the answer is you are not happy with that, that’s why I am standing here filming this video, because I want to be that little bit of light. Even if I just motivate or inspire one or two or dozens or thousands whatever the number is I know I’ve done my job. So I want you to ask yourself what are you doing in between here it’s not all about just fuelling the body because you can eat healthy, you can exercise a lot which is another point I want to talk about. You can a exercise a lot, you can get up and move but if you don’t have the capability to stretch your mind, to stretch your dreams, then you are not going to be able to live longer because to live longer you need to think smarter as well for now of course there are certain people out there who just seem to live forever. But what you need to be doing is you need to adapt and you need to grow with the world. Now a lot of people turn away and they are like I don’t want to live by society’s laws and rules but unfortunately we need too, you don’t need to believe in all of them you just need to adapt and grow. When I see an elderly person and well they say geez, bloody internet this computer stuff I don’t do any of that and I am like why not you are missing out so much more growth. Imagine what you could do if you had access to that or you actually took the time to learn something. I need to preficis this entire thing here by saying if you do one of these things you’re guaranteed to live longer, I can’t guarantee anything! What I am doing is giving you principles and practices that I know that can help you live a lot longer. One of them is making sure we are looking after what’s between our ears that is extremely important.

Another concept we use is what I have adapted into my routines is drinking a lot of herbal teas. Herbal tea is great for the mind; great for the body something to get into routine of if you drink too many coffees do me a favour cut one coffee out and add a herbal tea in. Add a peppermint tea, green tea, ginger tea, it’s beautiful add these herbal teas into your routine by eliminating a coffee if that’s you, if you don’t drink coffee just start having a herbal tea. Try to eliminate down to one coffee a day you shouldn’t need any more than that and if you are taking it purely for energy burst it just means you haven’t been fuelling yourself you haven’t been giving yourself the right nutrition.

Another concept I want to talk about is stretching, mobility. I know these are not amazing ideas, but how many of these things are you actually doing, are you stretching every single day? For me in the shower I am always doing a routine, a stretching routine, that’s why my water bill is so high, but I don’t care I love being in the shower and I do my stretches because it’s limbering me up. Am I a gymnast type no I’m not, do I have a greater flexibility, I don’t actually. In fact what am I doing as of next week after filming this particular video my wife and I are going to some hot yoga classes we are going to be sticking to that and making that a part of that a weekly routine.

Also another thing is I think it’s really valuable, and again it does depend on finances and so forth but massages, regular massages. Massages aren’t just for you to get relaxed whilst that is one of the major benefits, (sometimes I fall asleep on the table) but it’s not just about the relaxation side of it but there are also many physiological benefits as well, they help remove toxins and helps relieve muscle soreness from training and just everyday even if you’re sitting in front of the computer everyday like me, what can then happen is you can slump forward. I know you know this if you are sitting there at the desk and you are working all of a sudden you are up and you are like ohh geez it could be lunch time or the end of the day and your back is sore. Which leads me to the next point, every 60 minutes set an alarm on your phone, that gets you up and at least give 60 seconds and that’s all it is 60 seconds. 60 seconds is your time where you are going to stand up, stand still you are going to breathe and take some nice deep breaths into your stomach and just relax, seriously that in itself is going to give you so much inner peace. I cannot express that enough. If you want take it to the next level learn some Tai Chi exercises and some Shigong exercises, if you don’t know how to do those just get on YouTube, Google it, there’s plenty of those out there and in a future I’ll go through a complete demonstration that I do for the 60 seconds. I’ll show you exactly what I do there and I do that every single hour. Now is there times where I missed the hour yes I am human alright but I have full intention of doing that every single hour. I might miss a couple a day if that, but it’s really important, why, because I want to live longer, and I want to have a better quality of life while I’m still alive and I know you do to, or else you would not be watching this video, you would be out there watching a cat climbing a tree, or some epic fail video where people are actually hurting themselves, but you are not you are watching this is because you really want live longer like me, and want to have a greater quality of life.

So I hope you will take some of those techniques, strategies that I use and start implementing them into your day or else they are just great ideas. Great ideas never get you anywhere, it’s about the implementation and action you take by hearing these ideas, just take one I want to challenge you just take one of these concepts whether you are going to improve your nutritional component, whether you are going to start exercising more or better or actually just get out there and start exercising, are you going to take some form of flexibility training, flexibility training is a huge one whether it’s in the shower in the morning and night, there is a good ten minutes of stretching you’re getting. Every 60 minutes I want you to stop, I want you to breathe, bring yourself back to the now, check in with yourself and ask how is my day going. If you are feeling stressed because you didn’t get a certain job done, or the kids are being annoying, centre back in allow that feeling to be there, address it and let it go and go back to living your day, quality day, living a QUALITY day.

There’s another one I didn’t mention is sleep, you need to get quality sleep. The first 4 hours is purely physiological repair, repairing your body, the next 4 hours is the psychological repair, so anyone out there going hey I do alright on 4 hours sleep, I challenge you to try and get at least a another half an hour, an hour or two hours because it’s what’s going on up top is what’s going to count. We only get one body and if you do not look after it right, then unfortunately that’s going to determine your length of life but more so the of quality of life. You don’t want to get 50 and you are like ohh I have to have back surgery and this and that and I can’t get rid of this, I can’t go for a run, I can’t go down there because you know I can hardly move.

You don’t want to be in this state and to anyone out there who is I URGE you to start making some changes, even small ones,so the rest of your life is going be the best of your life.

So until next time I am Brett Campbell I really hope you enjoyed today’s video until next time I want you to go live with intention, love with passion and NEVER give up on your dreams.

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