I have never met anyone who does or has not suffered stress or anxiety before. 1 of 8 Americans suffers from clinically diagnosed stress or anxiety. WOW!

Learning how to deal with stress and anxiety is the key. We all have it, but not many people know how to deal with it. Follow these simple tips next time you start feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.

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Hey it’s Brett here, welcome back, thank-you so much for joining me.

But today I am going to be going out on a limb and I am going to be creating this training for you, which is how do you get you out of the shitty situation you’re in right now.

The title of this vid, video – Geez I’m having a rough time with my new lips here today.

Should have done my lip warmup exercises…

But anyhow, like I said I’m going out on a limb and I am going to provide you with some very easy and manageable tools so that can help you get out of a rut and get back into the day get back into enjoying life and get back to be doing what your meant to be doing, do you know what your meant to be doing? I hope you do!

So for me, I’m filming these videos, ah, I have got to go write my book after this, and I can’t afford, I can’t afford to let myself get into these ruts, and situations, but guess what they happen, we’re all human.

Right, yesterday I sat down to write out a book, and just before I went to write a book, I got an email, I allowed myself to get distracted, I got this email, it wasn’t really an email I really wanted to read, it took me on a arghhhh now I have to answer that right now because and I don’t want to sit for awhile, but the best thing to do at times is to allow the current situation, the current situation unfolding, because you fighting or trying to break through it is not going to help the situation and as soon as you come to grips with that this is happening right now and there is nothing you can do about it, just like if its raining outside, if its raining outside, you can not turn off the rain, you can not turn off the rain, unless your Storm, from the Xmen, she has the power to turn off the rain, and unless you have her on speed dial, your shit out of luck, shit out of luck.

So, you need to be able to allow what’s happening to happen and come to grips with that.

Because once you can, that will automatically release some a lot of tension and anxiety you may have.

A couple of other things you can do that I do, right this is what I do what when I feel tense or get into a situation that I don’t want to deal with certain things. Is I go through a visualization process, and it’s a very easy quick visualization process, and its me sitting there, shut my eyes, turn on some meditation style music, just some chimey style Balinese music, something that is very very relaxing, and what I do is I allow myself to go, what I would call is “my happy place”, right, its my place that I know I can go to, I have only ever been there and its my sacred zone, ok, and I want you to picture your own sacred zone, create your sacred zone. For me, I am in a big forest jungle, there’s nothing around me, but in front of me there’s this really really big hole in the ground, I guess you could say – what happens is, the water, there’s a big water fall, water fall gushes down into the bottom of this little lake, in the bottom about 50m down. And there’s beautiful green grass around me, the sound the wind is nicely flowing through.

See I’m really getting descriptive on my happy place, I’m allowing that area for me to go to when I need do this work.  That’s when I simply shut my eyes and allow myself to go through.

And I do a breathing exercise, ok a breathing exercise very very very important to relieve anxiety or relieve some stress that you have built up inside you.

So this is how I do it, right, I go into my place, I allow myself to go there, yes your going to get distracted, if you get distracted, just pull yourself back, pull yourself back to the area, here I am, standing in front of my zone, I’m looking at the waterfall, I’m getting to peace, now I am going to concentrate on my breathing, so what I do is allow 3 secs to breath in and 3 secs to breath out, I breath in through my nose….and out through my stomach, sorry out through my mouth.

OK, 3 secs in and 3 secs out, if its 4 secs for you, if its 2 secs, what ever your breath or scale of breath is just go with that, I just allow myself to be in the zone control my breathing and I guarantee you, I hands down guaranteed you if you do it for 10 times, it will take you, if you added it up, take you about a minute, take you 1 minute, 60 secs, are you prepared to give yourself 60secs to relieve the stress and tension your currently feeling?  Because as we know back here, its not going to go away just yet, but what we can do is control how we feel about it, and we can control how we act moving forward. That’s very very important.

Once we allow ourselves to its there and isn’t going way, I go into relaxation phase I just allow myself to breath, just relax, relieving and relaxing yourself is such an important key to in relieving any stress or anxiety.

Ok, another thing I do, I ask myself a couple of questions, after I’ve done that, I ask myself the question, I go, what am I currently feeling right now, am I sad, am I angry, am I disapointerd, ask yourself how do you feel.

Then ask yourself how would I like to feel, how would I rather be feeling right now given this current situation in happening.

For me yesterday, my answer was, how would I currently like to feel, Id like to feel empowered, Id like to feel like I can gain back control of this particular situation, or gain back control of my own emotions towards this.  And I want to feel like this is a part of what is happening, and I want to be in control of that.

So you ask yourself those questions – how do you currently feel?  How would you rather feel? Then you ask yourself, this is the most important question… When are you going to allow yourself to feel like that?When are you going to allow yourself to feel like that? The answers to your question number two. So when am I going to allow myself to feel empowered, so when am I going to allow myself to feel back in control?

And the answer maybe, I may just want to sit here for a couple of minutes and sit here for a couple of minutes and feel like that and get that, that process going.

And if you are in a really angry state, go back and watch the video on how to remove and avoid any negativity from your life.  There’s a session in there that I call an anger session, that you can really, if you have some real built up anger you can relieve it.

In this case, you want to ask yourself, when, when am I going to allow myself – if you really want to get past it, then you go right now – right now is the time, I am going to put the line here, now I need to move forward.

But, you need to back that up with, if you are ready to let that go right now, if you are ready to let that go right now, what is the steps, what are the things you need to be doing for the next half an hour….So you don’t fall back into that.

So it might be, your sitting at your computer and something has happened and you have an email and don’t like it and don’t want to deal with it, and your not argh…

Maybe your action plan is in order to feel control and to not feel angry, maybe I just need to get up and have a walk…. Simple right?  This stuff ain’t rocket science but it works.

So you need to get up go for a walk, maybe you need to go and have a tea, maybe you need to go outside and play with the dogs, what ever it is for you, maybe hitting the boxing bag for 10mins 5mins, what ever it is you need to do to do what it is you need to do.

I know, sounds simple. Lets recap on those questions…. So ask your self the question – how am I currently feeling? How would I rather feel? Third component – when am I going to allow myself to do that? Of course – the fourth, what are the steps do I need to do in order for me not to fall back into it. So you wont be reading that email again, or reply to that email, as that’s not going to help the situation. Trust me it will be there when you get back.

So I really hope this has served you, these are very easy and practical manageable tips, ok, you can do this, there is no need for you to feel angry, no need to feel frustrated on a consistant basis.

Yes these things are going to happen and the emotions will arise, but you, you my friend need to be in control of that, because when you are in control, you’re in control.

So I’m Brett Campbell, I really hope you have enjoyed this.

Until next time I want you to live with intention, love with passion and never give up on your dreams.


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