In 2012 Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘Facebook Offers’. Long story short, we used it and generated over 12,564 leads in only 24 hours. We were first to the post so to speak. It came out and we jumped on it.
facebook offer

CRAZY, but true!

I share this with you because there is 1 simple rule we must all adapt to when Facebook is concerned.

ALWAYS remain on the cutting edge.

Fast forward to today.

Facebook has recently introduced another new feature called ‘Facebook LIVE!’ It’s CUTTING EDGE!

I’m sure you have seen it! I bet you have even seen the CHEWBACCA lady… She recently broke the record for most LIVE streaming views ever. 140 million video views in only 3 days. WOW!

Unfortunately, I can’t help you get that many views at this stage. But I can REALLY help you get this off the ground and start making sales and generating leads immediately.

In fact since Facebook live has come online, I can directly attribute over 20k worth of sales directly from our lives streams, and not to mention thousands of new leads.

It is like having our own informercial business. (If used right).

When offers came out, we were pumping them. WHY? Because Facebook really wanted to get them working. NOW.. Facebook wants video to be winning the internet. And it is.

And I don’t want you to miss out.

Here Are 5 of My Best Tips To Dominate Facebook Live Streaming

facebook live

#1: Use It For What It Is.

You are live, the people watching are live. So talk to them, get them to communicate back, ask them to like, love and smiley face the video.

Read out their names, there is something so powerful about that in itself. In fact many studies show the best sound humans enjoy is the sound of their own name… hmmmm…

Try it. Tell me you dont like the sound of your name. ­čÖé

Ask where they are from. Ask what they are doing right now. Ask anything you like, have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity.

I know this sounds like common sense but I see so many people going live and just sitting their like a stuffed pi├▒ata.

ADVANCED TIP: Facebook has only in the last week of publishing this article changed the live stream functions, meaning, you can now use all the 5 emojis to express your feelings.

This is SO POWERFUL.facebook emoticons


Facebook are smart, we already know that right. They are collecting data throughout your entire stream… Meaning… if you are anything like me, you will do streams ranging from 30-90 minutes.

I know, long time. But it is so worth it.

So what happens after your live video? People still get to watch it. It still remains on your page. And YES! People really do watch it.

So lets say you are at the 23.45 min mark and there are TONS of emojis going off.

When Facebook bring out the ability to skip to the best parts (judged by interaction) people won’t have to watch the entire stream to get the value.

WOW! That is massive. If you haven’t yet seen why, let me explain.

Imagine if you were pitching an offer, or giving something away for free, which I highly recommend. (That’s another tip for later) And you asked people to hit the like button, and if enough people do, you will announce how they can get your free (XYZ). (You have just created a FOCAL point of your stream).

Which brings me to my next tip.

#2: Lead Generation Like A Ninja

As a coach on how to generate leads and build your social authority, I am always on the look out for new cost effective (even free) methods to generate leads and make sales for my own businesses and so I can also share them with my students.

This one is simple, but I am not seeing anyone do this yet. I am sure there is someone out there in the world doing it. But definitely not in our space.

Here is an example.

During the LIVE stream say something similar to this: “If you would like to find out more about our upcoming UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS BALI ESCAPE, simply write the word Bali in the comments below. From┬áthere we will directly send you a link to find out more”.

STOP! What I just shared there is SO powerful.

Don’t just spell out a url and hope they will type it into their browser. (You don’t want them to leave immediately either, unless thats your goal).

Make it as┬áeasy as you can for the viewer. YES! That means if 100 people type the word, you will need to reply. Which you should be anyway… It’s just good manners. My mum taught me that ­čÖé

Here are a couple of other examples we have used.

Dont miss out on this.

how to use Facebook live

ADVANCED TIP: Go back to your newsfeed regularly (or get someone else to) as people who watch the video later, will still put in their details even tho it is not live. This is free lead generation of a highly targeted prospect at its best.

#3: Share Your Video When You Are LIVE!

This will be a little hard if you have not yet built a SOCIAL ECO SYSTEM(TM). Without going into detail, a social ecosystem is a network of fan pages designed to collaborate and syndicate between each other. (I teach this in depth inside our Authority Academy coaching community).

This is the EXACT method I used to reach over 1.4 million people in only 30 minutes.

how to use Facebook live

#4: Have A System To Follow

Whilst this is fun and amazing to be able to broadcast your very own show.

There needs to be a purpose. Especially if you are in business.

Inside our Authority Academy coaching community we have the Facebook Live Roadmap(TM).

It is a training that will turn you into a FACEBOOK live streaming pro in no time.

If you want to get your hands on it. You can do so right here. As my gift to you. (complete with training video)

It is a carefully crafted thinking tool that outlines exactly the steps and stages you can take with your Facebook live stream.

It takes a look at the PRE, DURING and POST Live stream. The 3 Critical components to a successful live stream.

Facebook live roadmap

#5: Just Do It

I know it can be scary and daunting to go LIVE.

What will people say about me? What will they think?

What if I completely BOMB?

Just remember this.

You will Bomb, some people may not like you and some may think you outright SUCK! But guess what?

That is already happening, it’s true. Sorry to put a damper on things. But if you let other peoples opinions of you stop you from living and achieving your life goals, I want you to think about this.

What about the thousands / millions of other people out there that you could be helping. They are the ones really missing out.

CHEWBACCA lady didn’t let it stop here. So don’t let it stop YOU!


Get your FREE Facebook Live training and Roadmap here.

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