Hello. It’s Brett Campbell here. Today, we’re going to talk about a topic straight out of the 10X Achievement Academy. If you don’t know how the 10X Achievement Academy framework works, it starts with discover, design, develop and deliver.

What we’re going to do today is we’re going to take a topic straight out the develop phase. In life, there’s three key areas that you must develop in order to take yourself, your business, your life, anything, to that next level. They are the topics of self, so things that you need to personally change; your surroundings and your support. Those are three key areas, but we are going to look at surroundings today.

The key components that we’re going to look at in the surroundings area is your home environment, so your surroundings when you get home from work, your surroundings where you spend your weekends, you live your life pretty much.

We’re going to look at that. We’re also going to look at the surroundings of your workplace environment, so whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you work at home or whether you work in an office or maybe you don’t even work and you’re looking to possibly work. We’re going to look at that surroundings there, and we’re also going to look at another area which gets missed quite often. I don’t see too many people talking about this topic. I’m not sure why. Maybe they just haven’t even thought about it, but it’s your area of your creativity, so your surroundings, your creative area.

Okay? I’ll talk a lot more about that as we go through.

The first topic is the home environment. Is your home environment set up in such a way that when you get home from work or you’re hanging out in the weekend, you’d love being in? Okay, so I’ve just spent six weeks over in the United States and I’ll stay in hotels and I was traveling here and there. I was hiring cars, on eight plane rides. I was just on so many different areas my surroundings was messed up.

Some people said to me, “Oh, Brett, you must love this traveling, you know, staying in hotels and doing all this stuff.” I said, “No, I don’t.” I actually don’t enjoy it too much because I’ve created an environment at home that I love being there. Okay? I ask you the question, do you love being in your home environment or would you rather be somewhere else? Now don’t get me wrong. I love holidays. I love traveling. Okay? At the core of it all is I love my home environment as well. I love the projector screen I’ve got so I can watch movies.

Right? I’ve got the beautiful lounge chairs, the La-Z-Boy’s chairs, that I can sit back on. I’ve got a nice swimming pool and I’ve got a water fountain outside which creates a nice serenity type of area.

I’ve got heaps of things that I want. Right? It’s all about creating and crafting your own surroundings. Okay? It’s your own. You are personally responsible for the surroundings you have. If you don’t like it, change it. Try and adapt to it, right? By the bars down at the local op shop or the 2 Dollar Store, go and buy some knickknacks and put them somewhere to make sure they’re good looking that knickknacks don’t just get crap.

Take control of your own environment, your home environment.

Your bedroom is another key area. If you don’t walk into your bedroom, oh, this is my …

Yeah, this is a sign of x-rated, but it’s your zone, just to be … I want to get in there and just, you get a sense of, oh, stress just goes off shoulders.

Leave that outside the door. Don’t ever bring that into your bedroom. That, again, as we talk about that more in depth in the 10X Achievement Academy about the roles and so forth that you set for your certain areas of your home. Okay? For me, one role is I do not bring my mobile phone into my bedroom.

I don’t get distracted. I keep that as my zone, my area of technology-free, so to speak.

This is the home environment. Are you setting your home environment up so it is a beautiful place for you to come to? Okay? Do you walk home from work, work through the front door and then all of a sudden, there’s just chaos everywhere?

Shit on the floor. You haven’t picked that up yourself. Now maybe you like that type of environment, but ask yourself what emotions does that create for you when you see it. Right? If you walk past and you go, oh, God, I hate it being there, pick it up. Come walk past it. Right?

The next we want to look at in surrounding is your working environment.

Have you set up a working environment that you are far more productive than if you just got a area where you, this is like … If you work in a little cubicle, chances are you’re not going to be having the best of time in there unless you have created the scene. You have created the area and now Zappos is the perfect example. Zappos is an online stylist, online shoe store. They sell shoes online but they sell so many more products. Apple, Amazon, sorry, bought them for a billion dollars. Right?

Their working environment is set up in such a way that each work, each employee gets to set their own cubicle up, so there’s streamers hanging from the roof. There’s posters, paintings, balloons, helium balloons everywhere. They’re creating a fun environment. Okay? They’re creating it. Think about that.

They’re creating an environment that they are going to be more productive and they actually enjoy being there. Now if you’re an employer and you’ve got employees, you work in little cubicles, take this message on. Let them create an environment. Go to them and say, “Hey, you know what?

Here’s a $200 budget. Go and do what you want and create some cool thing. Get some stuff for your desk, whatever it is.” Maybe it’s a fake green plant. I’ve got a couple of green plants in my office.

Right? My working area, my working space, I’ve got a couple of nice green plants. They look beautiful. I look at them. For some reason, I just elicit emotion of relaxation when I see those plants. What is it to you that is going to take you to the next level with your surroundings?

The last component I want to look at is the component of your creativity, so the place where you go and think. Okay? Because in life, it doesn’t matter if you’re working for yourself, you’re working for someone else. We still need to keep our creative minds flowing. Okay?

That’s maybe where you’re going. Sit down at a park and at a park bench and maybe you start planning your next holiday. Maybe you start planning what your next project is that you’re going to be working on. For me, my creativity space, as funny as it sounds, is down the road at a local coffee shop.

I sit down there. I put my headphones and I listen to a … I simply Google relaxing music and I pop this three-hour session of like relaxing sort of Balinese-type sounds. I listen to that, my headphones in, and I just get away and let my creative mind flow.

That’s where I go from creating new projects or products for the business or from wanting to create my next holiday, whatever it is, whatever I’m planning, and I want to put some effort into it. I’ll go to the lengths, to go down there and get in my zone because I know that I’m going to spend half an hour or an hour down there and get six to seven hours than what I would in a different environment. Okay?

I want to leave you with that. What are you doing with your current environments? Are they helping you move forward? Are they holding you back?

A tip to leave you with or actually more of a strategy and a task is I want you to sit down and write. Okay? Your home environment, so one column home environment, the column, I want to be your working environment, and the third column is your creative, where is your creative area.

Maybe it’s out the back somewhere. If you live around any bush land or anything like that, maybe it’s out in the bush, you’re going for a bush walk or whatever it is for you. I want you to start thinking, how could I improve any of those three areas? What do I need to add and what do I need to take away? Okay?

I’m Brett Campbell. Until next time, go out there and live with intention, love with passion and never give up on your dreams.

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