Have you ever wondered why movies that are based on true stories seem to have a more profound impact on your viewing pleasure?

Amazing isn’t it? I mean you’re sitting there getting prepared to zone out for the next 90 minutes, then all of a sudden, up pops the “Based on a true story”.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel different, a sense of NORMALITY comes over me. It starts to make the entire situation REAL. The good ole action movie with people getting shot, people being blown up left right and centre have no deeper emotional connection, because I know it is not REAL.

But as soon as I know that someone lived this entire situation for REAL. I had better get the tissue box handy.

Why do I share this with you?

Well, firstly I love movies. I love the plots, the twists and turns, the adventures, the love, the sadness, the joy and so much more.

And my main reason for sharing this with you is as follows. Imagine you life as a movie. There will be ups, downs, ups, more downs, action, love, joy, sadness, fear and just about any other emotion you can think of. But the big kicker here is this.

You are the director, the producer, the talent, the lighting, the make up, the props boy, the EVERYTHING.

So if this is the case and you believe this to be true. I want to leave you with one last question.

Have you written the script, or are you just seeing how it unfolds?

Are you striving to have a life that is Oscar worthy? Or are you happy to sit back and watch?

Whatever you decide on, know this! You are in control.


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