Most people can look back at their life and find many things that they regret. Maybe you didn’t visit a sick friend or relative and it was too late.

In this video I want to focus on how we can get ourselves to a place where we can identify the regret before it even happens. It’s quite magical.

I hope you enjoy.

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Hey, it’s Brett here. I want to thank you so much for joining me today. In this session, what I’m going to talk about is I’m going to talk about the topic of regrets. Yesterday, I talked to a very dear friend of mine and we got on to this conversation, and that’s why I really wanted to record this for you today. We were talking about … Well, he was actually sharing with me a story where he’s just had a very, very, very, very close friend of his pass away. It’s someone who is very close to him, who’s helped him and mentored him throughout his life. My friend, he’s 51 years old. He’s got a family of four. He’s a very successful businessman. He runs a very, very big company, around about a 40 million dollar a year company. He’s got a lot of things going on as you can imagine.

He was talking to me and sharing to me this story about when he found out his friend was sick, he wanted to go and visit his friend, but some people around, some of the family, etc., said that he’s too sick. We don’t want people coming in to see him. My friend sort of just left it at that. He was like, “Oh, okay. Well, I’ll accept the wishes of the family.” What actually ended up happening was he passed away, and my friend was thinking. He goes, “You know what? I should have done more to actually go and see this person. I should have done more to actually go in, even if it was just to be there, hold their hand and thank them and then just leave.” He felt like he would have had a little bit more closure there. Again, he accepted what the initial family said at the start, which was they don’t want anyone in there, but he had the feeling of regret inside him.

He was talking to a friend and another friend of his said to him. He goes, “Look, you didn’t get to see him, but I want you to remember that feeling right there. Remember that feeling that you can then now take on with you through the rest of your life.” It’s that feeling of, “Man, I missed out on this opportunity. I missed out on something.” When we say so you can take it with you through the rest of your life, we’re not saying you need to hold on to regret, but you need to remember those moments of where you’ve done something or you haven’t done something and it’s made you feel like you’ve lost something or you’re never going to get that opportunity again.

With me, just over 12 months ago, I had a really dear friend of mine pass away. I was really lucky in the sense that I had a very intuitive feel. I had a very intuitive feel. My friend, she’s 31. She’s going through cancer, and she had just been released from hospital after her last treatment and she was able to go home. I rang up my friend, her husband. I said, “Look, I’m thinking about coming up for a holiday. I’ll just come and see you and hang out with you guys.” And he goes, “Yeah, cool. A couple weeks is fine.” Got off the phone and I just had this really big intuitive feel and it was the feeling that I needed to get over there as soon as I possibly could, so I said okay. Hopped back on the phone. I said, “Man, I’m going to come over next week.” Which was literally three days away. I got on the Internet, booked my ticket, and I was there.

I arrived to there house on a Wednesday morning. Three hours later, my friend passed away. I sound really lucky because I was really lucky because I got to spend those last three hours with her and be by her side and also to be able to say my good-byes. I know there’s a lot of people and a lot of other friends and so forth that regret that. They wish they would have taken that extra. They wish they would have done something else.
This video is not about trying to dwell on our past and look at all the things that we’ve stuffed up and let’s poke holes at ourselves. I’m not about that. This message that I want to deliver to you right now, right here, is that what are you doing to help yourself avoid regrets moving forward. Okay? So if someone dearly close to you passed away tomorrow, would you have any regrets by not reaching out to them and contacting them and just saying hello and just having that connection? Would you?

My father passed away when I was 20 years old. I actually hadn’t seen my father since I was 4 years old, so my parents split. I have some regrets there where I’ve got questions. I’ve got questions I really wanted to ask him, but, again, I missed out on that opportunity. I want you to be able to think about. I’m sure everyone’s got their own story. Everyone’s got something that they’ve done in life or they haven’t done in life that they’re like, “I knew I should have taken that opportunity when I got that job opportunity. I knew I should have went for it. I just wasn’t sure. I just didn’t feel right.”

I want to share with you why, why most people end up getting to a stage of regret. It’s because they don’t allow themselves enough time to think about the actual things that are going on in their life. If you know anything about me, I am very scrupulous at trying to organize and plan my life and not down to every minute. Not at all. I like my freedom around it, but I like to know what’s going on. I like to know how my relationships are going. I like to know my level of health. I got to get blood tests. I got to check my levels. I want to know these things so I can do something about it if I need to.

What are you currently doing? What’s currently happening in your life that if you stopped and allowed yourself some time just to think about it?

At 10X Achievement Academy, we have this exercise called the Web of Achievement, and we go through a whole heap of different areas that make up your life, and we go, “How are you doing in there? How is that all going? How are your relationships? How is your finances? Are you following your dreams? Are you following your dreams?”
Me, I said when my friend passed away. I was on the airplane on the way home, traveling home. I said to myself, “You know what? Life is too short to not be living my dreams. Life is too short.”

Life is too short for you to not be living the thing that you want to be doing in this world. If you’re stuck in a job right now or you started a business that you don’t like, get out of it. Get out of it. If I can impart anything on to you, it’s that. It’s chase your dreams and just never give up on them.

I know that sounds quite cliché. Just never give up, Brett. I get it. But the thing is, is you need to constantly, you need to constantly just stop and allow yourself some time to assess where you’re at. Assess where you’re at because if you can do that, if you can start assessing where you’re at and you go, “Oh, geez, I actually haven’t called my mother in six weeks. I better call her.” If that’s a reality for you. I can assure you, if in three days, five days, your mother passed away and you hadn’t talked to her in six weeks, you’d probably regret not calling her because you may have thought about doing it on Saturday, but you were too busy doing something else and you’re, “Oh, I’ll call her on Monday.” Don’t do that. When you have these feelings, when you have these things pop up, just take action on it immediately. Just go you know what? It’s not hard. I’m going to pull out my phone. Hello.
This is not just about relationships. This is about regrets in all areas. I was in an apprenticeship. I was stuck at the job. I left high school at 17. I was in this particular job as a cabinet maker for about 5 1/2 years. I remember after day 1 I didn’t want to do it anymore, but I stuck at it. I stuck at it.

Could I look back and say I regret not leaving earlier? I could. Of course, I could, but this video, this training, is not about looking back to what we’ve done and what we regret. Okay. Because that is in the past. Yes, we can learn from our mistakes, and we can learn from those things, but what I’m challenging you to do right now is I’m challenging you to look at right now. Right now. What is happening in your life today as you’re watching this? As you hang up this video, what pops into your mind that you know you need to go and do or you know you’ve been putting off for some time that if you continue to put it off, in a month, two months, six months, five years, you’re going to look back and regret it.

I want you to be a step forward. I want you to be a step ahead of yourself. Okay. Do that. Give yourself that honour to be able to go there and discover what is coming forward and what is going to be happening in your life moving forward. Because at the end of the day, like I said, you want to make the most of this opportunity.
I really hope this short video served you. Until next time, I want you to go out there and live with intention, love with passion, and never give up on your dreams.

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