Brand New Facebook and Instagram Features To Grow Your Brand | #Notified Episode 1

Instagram stories are becoming a BIG part of a businesses social media strategy. There is a new Instagram feature now that allows you to save your Instagram stories to the Instagram Stories Archive, which is another new Instagram feature that gives you the opportunity to save up to 100 Instagram stories FOREVER if you want.

Previously Instagram stories were only available to view for 24 hours and therefore made it difficult to justify spending much time creating them. Not only can you now save your Instagram stories in your stories archive, but you can also choose up to 5 Instagram stories that are features on your profile page as a ‘highlighted story’.

Another new Instagram feature is the follow hashtag button you will now see in your Instagram feed when you are searching for popular hashtags. When you follow a hashtag on Instagram, you will see top posts from that hashtag appear in your Instagram feed as if they were posted by someone you follow.

Behind the scenes of this feature is an amazing opportunity for business owners to capatilize on and that is through highly targeted Instagram ad campaigns. You will undoubtedly see very specific ads appearing after you follow certain hashtags on Instagram. Which is a massive hint that you MUST be utilizing Facebook advertising for your business if you aren’t already.

There has never been a better time than now to be seen by the people who want and need your services the most.

In today’s episode:
– You can now follow hashtags on Instagram
– Facebook’s new Sound Collection of royalty free music for creators
– Instagram Stories Archive lets you feature stories on your profile
– Facebook Creator app takes over the old Facebook Mentions
– Facebook Watch, a new platform for video content. Will it take over YouTube?

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