Welcome to episode #2 of Notified with Brett Campbell. In today’s episode we are covering some HUGE topics that will drastically affect your organic posts reach on Facebook and potentially other platforms as well.

Instagram releases an alpha testing group that lets you test new features before anyone else!

Facebook Engagement Baiting is going to be the end of organic reach for some Facebook fan pages if the admins aren’t aware of what engagement baiting is, as well as the types of baiting;

Share baiting, tag baiting, vote baiting, like baiting etc.

Also Facebook videos are going to get much more reach if they appear as part of a series or in episodes. This is in line with Facebook Watch, Facebook’s new video only platform that is set to rival Netflix and YouTube.

Facebook are clearly making a massive push towards enticing video creators onto their platform, and today we look at how they will be monetising the content through different in video ads, as well as how you can capitalise on this in your business.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the video 🙂

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