In today’s episode of Notified with Brett Campbell, Brett shows you a cool new hack to merge all of your most used links into one!

The new app is called Linkkle, which gives you a directory for all of your links e.g. website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Simply sign up for an account at and create a profile to get your very own link. Gone are the days of having to remember all of your social media links. Linkkle can now act as your digital business card.

This will be particularly helpful for Instagram users, as the app only allows you to have one link in your bio. So now with your Linkkle account, this one link can then direct users to ALL of your other social media accounts, affiliate links or websites.

Also today on Notified, Mark Zuckerberg has recognised some issues that are popping up with Facebook, in particular the amount of ‘fake news’ that is currently circulating the platform. Zuckerberg has made it his personal goal for 2018 to fix the current state of Facebook and get it back on track.

Finally Instagram are continuing to innovate with new features such as sharing stories directly to your WhatsApp account. Brett also shows you how Instagram recommends posts to you and how you can turn off this feature if you don’t like the posts you are seeing.

Thanks for watching, you’ve been Notified!

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